Oscar Blandi

Invisible Volumizing Dry Shampoo Spray


Lindsay C.
Not the best I've tried

As a professional hairstylist and mother of two, I have used my share of dry shampoos. I got a full size bottle of this when I ordered the Allure beauty box last summer and was psyched to try it...I was less than impressed despite my high hopes.

The scent reminds me of citronella candles and lasts until you actually wash your hair. It seemed to stay wet quite a bit longer than others, as well. My head felt cold! I didn't think it absorbed oil or boosted volume very well, either.

All in all, I keep it in my drawer as back up, but don't seem to reach for it all that often.

Kappa C.
Smelly and not effective

I got a travel size of this to try out, without having to commit to a full size can, and I'm so glad I did.

Firstly, this is smelly. I can't really describe what I'm smelling, but it's pretty offensive, and I tend to be forgiving. This smell doesn't go away once it's dry and I can still smell it at the end of the day.

Secondly, it did sort of make my fine hair's roots look *slightly* less oily, but I expected more from this label. I've used Big Sexy Hair's Dry Shampoo with more success. The Oscar Blandi one is clear and did boost my volume some.

Overall, though, I will not be buying this product again, nor will I be recommending it to others.