Amanda R.
No Makeup Day Salvation

This is the most amazing moisturizer. Gives a slight tint and glow. When I use this under my makeup it makes my application flawless, and on those weekends I let my skin "rest" it gives enough coverage to go out into the world with confidence. I always get compliments on my skin when I use this :)

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Brittney P.
Absolutely amazing and versatile!

This is such a great product! I use it most days as a primer before I apply my liquid foundation. I can't use any primers with silicone in them so this is a great alternative. It gives your skin a glow and a slight tint, which helps to even out your skin tone and give a smooth canvas for the rest of your makeup routine. I also use this if I am in a hurry, because it even looks great alone. If you have time, pair it with a powder foudation and a little mascara and you're good to go! :) Please subscribe to my youtube channel for beauty reviews:

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Shannyn C.

I also bought this after watching TiffanyD's video & I'm so happy I did! My skin looks radiant & even toned (I have redness & slight hyperpigmentation). It is a little bit darker than my skintone, but nothing really noticeable. I have combo/dry sensitive skin & wear a tiny bit of a light moisturizer underneath. In a rush I use this, a little blush & mascara & my skin looks gorgeous! It's expensive imo, but totally worth it.

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Rachael Y.
Pretty Good

I bought this after watching a video from @MakeupbyTiffanyD. I have been trying to find an easier and quicker method for my makeup routine other then what I normally do (for everyday). I normally do airbrush and I love that, but I am in school full-time and there are days that I just dont want to do the airbrush (even though it only takes 5 min... haha). (I do have my days that I am just soooo lazy that 5 min plus getting the exact color ready for the airbrush machine ready and cleaning the machine is just too much for me.) So I went and bought this product and I must admit that I am pleasantly surprised. I do have to use a moisturizer under it still but it does have decent coverage. I do have dark circles so I do have to use concealer still but that is ok. I love that it just magically matches my skin-tone. I would recommend this to everyone (unless you have dark skin b/c it might appear ashy). I use concealer, VitaZing and my MAC Translucent powder (just to give it a finished mat look). Then I just do makeup. I am loving this product. This is the 1st Origins product that I have ever purchased and I am sold on it. I am going to start looking at things from this line.

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Bless C.
Good on the go

I went to work one day without any make up on, and my coworker asked me if I was sick. So I said never again, I am so happy I found this product. Its moisturizes, give a little bit of coverage to my dark spots and no sticky icky feeling. It is not equal coverage as a foundation would but at least it didn't make me look like I'm sick.I've already gone through two tubes.I use it when I don't have time to do make up. This is my "no make up look" make up, if that makes sense.I would complain only about the price but that's about it.

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Nikki Z.
Great product

I love this. I wanted a good moisturizer that would keep my hydrated in all seasons and this comes in a TINTED version which I love. It's so barely tinted it doesn't REALLY matter but if you want that tiny bit more of "oomph" it's nice to have the tinted. But I also use it at night in a pinch and the tint doesn't transfer onto the pillow or anything. It's not greasy or oily and settles right into your skin. So impressed with this!

Amber G.

ok seriously! My favorite product thus far in 2012! I love that it matches to your own skin tone! great tinted moisturizer. super hydrating! I cannot tell you what a gorgeous glow this gives to the skin. I would totally recommened this to everyone! put this on in the morning than follow with a power if you dont wear a whole lot of makeup and wholla! you have the prettiest skin!

Daniela C.

This is probably my most favourited moisturizer, for everyday just to go to school and head out, I don't need to think about it, it evens out my complexion, does not break me out and it leaves my skin feeling fresh and radiant.

Nicole V.

I bought the Vitazing about a month ago and was given a sample size to go with it. I used up the sample size to make sure I like the product. It lasted be almost 4 weeks. It moisturizes my face just enough and evens out my skin tone. It also provides a great base for my foundation.

Lyn A.

I love it! It makes my complexion less pale and appear healthier!=) The moisturizer looks white when it just comes out but it blends nicely onto your skin to produce a sun-kissed effect! ^_^ Two thumbs up!