High Potency Night-A-Mins Mineral-enriched Moisture Cream


Jane F.
Good product

This is a very nice product! I use it every night, with an under eye cream, and my skin feels great in the morning. I love the citrus scent, and my husband even likes the smell while he usually doesn't like when I wear scented products. My only complaint is the jar. As nice as it is, I prefer tubes or pumps, so that bacteria doesn't get in as easily. I've had this product for about 4 months, and I've barely made a dent in it. So I think the price is good for the quantity and quality.

Rio O.
Love it!!

My skin feels very refreshed in the morning...its thick but its not greasy at all which I love cuz I'm very oily in my tzone and I can apply this without feeling greasy...ur skin just soaks it up and it feels so refreshing once its on..nice way to let ur face unwind after a long day of makeup just sitting on top of it!

Michan M.

I was recommended this night cream at the origins counter, and this is exactly what my skin needed. It really leaves your skin feeling a lot smoother with prolonged use, and makes my skin feel hydrated as well. The cream feels so smooth, but can be thick so you don't want to pack on too much of this product before bed. This really improved the way my skin feels and I'm currently loving this product.

Nadia N.

This does work and I wake up my skin is smooth, soothed and I feel energetic! I love the citrus smell also but its all about how it applies. It is a bit thick but it sinks in pretty quickly into the skin. I put allover my face and to my neck and my neck feels alot smoother. Its a real good night cream! I have used up 2 of these and the price is ehh $35 but I am always wanting try new things or switch up and use this and use another.