Nourishing Coconut Milk Shampoo


Donna T.

I bought both the shampoo & conditioner on sale for $5. That should have been my first clue. The smell is great, but that's literally it. It actually really dried my hair out. The very worst part is - not to be too graphic - it literally feels like semen. It was the most awful feeling ever to be rubbing that stuff through my hair. I used it twice and then threw it away, I wasn't going to offend my friends by giving them such a crappy product..

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Alli Rose G.
Best shampoo for colored hair!

I'm faithful in dying my hair red. As we know, red fades HORRIBLY fast. This shampoo keeps my color well locked in. I wash my hair 2-3 times a week, dry shampoo in between. It doesn't have sulfate or really lather, which is the best for colored hair. It smells wonderful. It makes my hair rather healthy. The price is amazing, less than $10 for 14 oz. of shampoo that's organic!

Zoe C.

I use this stuff everyday! It's so great, I keep a bottle on hand in case I run out! Love it! Everysince I got it my hair has been so smooth ans shiny. If someone asked I would certainly reccomend!

Hilda F.
Amazing product!

ive tried just about every product you can think of. i tried this one for the last 5 months because i got the keratin treatment and needed a solfate-free product without leaving me broke and man its amazing. ive tried other solfate-free shampoos and conditioners and it doesn't leave my hair as soft as this. totally recommend!

Pily C.
smooth and shinny hair with a sexy smell

This organic shampoo brings shine and smoothes your hair, while you enjoy a delightful smell of coconut. Different from others, you don't have to worry when your hair dries, because once your hair is dry it still smells goods, shine and stays in place. The best shampoo so far I tried, and not only it's organic, it doesn't harm any animal and it's recyclable materials, so it's a green product. 100% recomendable.

Chelsea B.

I love this product for several reasons. First, it does not test on animals. That is a huge factor for me when I am purchasing my products. Another, is that it smells amazing and it actually may be more expensive (by approximately 2 or 3 dollars, depending on the sales) but the bottle actually has more mL of product than most shampoos, even though it may look smaller. The final reason , is that it is all natural and organic, thus chemicals are not damaging your hair. I love this company!

Charissa Y.

This is a great shampoo if u have the time to throw on the shampoo for 5 min and then rinse. I also love the smell but if I'd not so much of a coconut fan then stay far away from it unless u want thick, smooth, shiney hair. I also had my sister unlawful tried this shampoo. Her hair is very coarse and dry. I really recommend this shampoo and also cherry blossom goes well too.-the bad part about these shampoo is that it,s time consuming. -but hey ne thing for gorgeous hair.

Whit H.

1st sulfate free shampoo I've ever used and it's great. The smell is wonderful. The entire organix line works well. My hair was left super soft instead of dry and stripped.

Hailey rae O.

I love this product, it worked great on my hair. It left my thick colored hair soft and smooth and best of all didn't make the color fade. I also love the other scents, my favorite would have to be the cherry blossoms one.

Nicki N.
My only complaint? It's not volumizing.

I'm on a hunt for the perfect shampoo combination for my hair. My hair is naturally straight, I don't use heat on a regular basis, and I don't have color in it. The strands are fine but I have a LOT of hair. I'd say it's normal... not dry, not really oily. I can get two days in easily without washing.

This is pretty close. It's really inexpensive and it's sold basically everywhere (drug stores and walmart) so I didn't have to panic about running to a salon. It smells delicious. It's organic, yep. It is sulfate and paraben free... aka. it's good for your hair. It lathers nicely for me if I wash my hair on a daily schedule but not if I go another day in between. If I found that it was more volumizing? I'd be all over it.

I still keep a bottle in the shower, though. :x