ORGANIC Root Stimulator

Edge Control


Candice W.

Would def recommend if you have problems with edges getting out of place (more for women of color). Only problem I have is, I tend to get white flakes from this product when combing or brushing the edges once I applied it. BUT IT DOES WORK!!!

Nicki H.

I have short hair and this product works really well and smooths down your edges. However don't use so much it will cake up, it works a while after a perm not right before one, when your hair is very "rooty", but otherwise it smells goo and it works.

SutherlandArtistry D.
Not the Best

I have the sides of my hair shaved which makes an edge control gel a necessity. It works great right after a perm but once my hair grows out it tends not to hold and leaves a white residue. I usually use a leave in conditioner with it, which removes the white residue and I find keeps the hold better once brushed down. It's a good product but definitely not as good as other products on the market.