Silver Shatter


Jessenia I.
So pretty!
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I love Black Shatter so I was excited to find out OPI was going to come out with more colors especially silver. Unlike Black Shatter, which is more of a satin polish, Silver Shatter is a super sparkly polish. I applied one coat of Silver Shatter over four of the six Pirates of the Caribbean polishes and no top coat.

I noticed that this shatter polish has a slightly different consistency than the black one. You have to apply a slightly thicker coat of silver shatter to get it to do its magic, however as with the black shatter, don't go overboard if you want more shatter. The thinner the coat, the more shatter you'll see.


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Holly H.
Positively Horrible!
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the worst out of all the cracking nail polishes i've tried! i've now tried 4 different brands of cracking polish and opi is the worst out of all of them and the silver is even worse than the black. for some reason (maybe its the shimmer) it doesn't crack at all. hopefully the picture will show what i mean. but if you really want a cracking silver polish sally hansen's "fractured foil" is much better

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Mica G.

I really don't know if it's just the bottle I got but I really dislike this polish! I bought this on impulse when crackle polishes became the "in" thing and after several attempts this is still a complete fail for me! My main issue with it is that is barely shatters! I've tried this over different types of nail polish finishes and I've also applied the silver shatter with thin and thick coats but still same disappointing results and now it just sits in my nail polish drawer untouched and collects dust.

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Sarah S.

China Glaze is so much better and cheaper !! I went to Sally's Beauty Supply and they had it and it was only $5 for it and it came in like 6 shades other than just plain old black. So much better and they have it in stock more than Ulta does on there OPI ones.

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Amber E.

The silver shatter is one of my favorite nail polishes so far and went well with more colors than I expected. I used it over purple and pink; I loved the way it came out!

Parris W.
Mix-n-Match with Any Spring Color!
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I love OPI, their nail polish is fabulous. The whites, hot pinks, and any neon colored nail polishes are in right now. Just combine the silver shatter with any of these colors and you have a beautiful nail pattern!

Sara W.
I love it!

I was so excited when I first saw this online. It's SO pretty! I love the black, but didn't always want dark nails. This is perfect for the upcoming warmer summer days ahead. However, I don't think the accompanying colors in the POTC collection really do this shatter justice. It looks most stunning over a dark or bright base color in my opinion.

Mandy H.

I'm glad OPI came out with a Silver Shatter because I think that it's more wearable then the black one. I do find that the Silver Shatter is a bit thinner in consistence then Black Shatter so you do have to apply more product on to get the effect of the crackle. My favorite combination with the Silver Shatter is Mermaid's Tears from the Pirates of the Caribbean collection, definitely have a look at the collection when you get the chance too :)

Amanda L.
My Favorite Shatter!
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This is by far my favorite shatter of them all! The formula is perfect, not thick or goopy and very easy to apply. Goes great with ANY color and makes your manicure look soo pretty!

Shaila H.
Beautiful and almost out of it

Didn't thicken up on me nearly as much as the black did which is extremely nice. my only down side is that it can be a bit transparent and over certain nailpolishes it's not very noticable when you think it would be. oh well just have to avoid those ones i guess