Liquid Sand

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Angie H.
Has become a new fave!

I absolutely LOVE this color. Very easy to apply and dries fast & beautiful. I can't find anything wrong about this product. The liquid sand concept is awesome. These are the type of polishes that you can apply right before going out and won't have to worry about messing it up, and it's stunning and dramatic. It's easy, quick, & glamorous. I can't say anything else besides it's a beautiful and exciting polish. (I'm quite sure you can feel the excitement I have over this polish)

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Becca E.

Absolutely love this product, had been waiting ages for it to come in the shops and was glad it had. It's easy to apply and looks great. Also it's so easy to take off aswell which is even better. Would defiantly recommend and I am so going to invest in the other colours!

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Stacey T.
Love the Texture!

Very easy to apply (I have the full sized one), but use 2 coats to get the desired shade. I love how this polish dries, the texture feels so good on my nails! I thought it was going to be hard to take off, but it came off very easily with acetone nail polish remover. Definitely recommend! Beautiful shade for any season :)

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Kristy F.
Such a great polish!

I love this polish. I would definitely recommend this polish to anyone who wants an interesting shade of color with a great unique texture. it's long lasting too, it took forever for mine to chip. and it has easy removal, its just a great polish in one bottle (:

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Alletta F.

Hey, what a fun product! I treated myself to the box with all the minis as there's no colour I'd wear a lot in the collection. It looks interesting on your nails. The pink and blue shades are amazing for summer, especially with ss 2013's focus on bright colours. The black one is a winter shade and dries up more of an antracite with red spots. The purple is my favourite; it's dark enough for winter, and bright enough for summer. I imagine they'd be quite easy to apply with a regular brush; the minis have a really annoying brush. No top coat required. They last pretty well. And if it does chip, the roughness makes it easy to patch up a bit, to make it last even longer. I'm absolutely fascinated by the texture!

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Judy C.
Great, unique finish

This new formula is really easy to wear and apply, two coats are enough for an opaque finish. It's quite different from glittery polishes because it has a matte finish. I love this shade! It can also be worn as an accent nail with glossy nailpolishes on the rest of the nails.

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Kelsey R.

I love these nail polishes! Get Your Number is a beautiful, sparkly blue that impressed me. I also have Magazine Cover Mouse from the new Couture De Minnie collection and that one is equally as beautiful!

Elizabeth T.
Pretty fabulous

Not as long-lasting as a glitter, but this formula tends to stay on my nails a while longer than most polishes, and looks darn good doing it. I'm a nursing student, and tend to wash my hands a LOT (which totally breaks your nails and ruins polish), so I need polishes that stand up to abuse (no worries, though, I never ever wear polish during clinical). This one does, as long as you put on a generous top coat.

I love the texture on this baby, and the little bits of glitter help to make this polish a statement piece. Great for summer, and definitely a stand-out for a great pedi.