Drip Dry

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Dear N.
Drying ur Nails Fast With this!
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Love this product, I first noticed nail salon using them, and then my friend brought me a huge bottle. For women on the go that multitask like me and have no time to wait for your polish to dry than this is a life saver. OPI Drip Dry, I live by this product!

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Dylan P.
Does the Trick!

I do a lot of nail artistry, and whenever I put my top coat on top of so many layers (as I'm sure you know) it takes like a MILLION YEARS to dry on its own. This product changed my life- My nails dry so quickly underneath this stuff. It does leave an oily residue on the nail, but that helps to protect it until it's totally dry, and it washes off easily. Fantastic product, will definitely repurchase!

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Chelsea S.
Dry fast!

this product is great! it does dry real fast just like it says it will. BUt i find its not very thick and if you use just the drops your polish will chip very quickly, so if you are planing on using this, be sure that you use your favourite top coat first and then use the drops to lock in all of your coats. one other plus side id that it leaves your nails looking very shiny, and beautiful, so over all good product.

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Eva C.

When I bought this, I wasn't a hundred percent sure that it was going to work, but it came in a pack with a color I wanted, so I decided to buy it. When I got home I tried it immediately and it actually worked!!! I was shocked! 5 minutes and you are good to go!! definitely buy this

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Morgan V.
Fav! Really works!

I bought this at my local Salon Centric in a value pack with a color. I always paint my nails at the worst times and end up smudging them or worse. With these drops it does not matter anymore! I have used them twice with not smudges or damage it is wonderful!

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Angela V.

I liked this product because it really does work... I hate having to do my nails and then have to wait and wait and make sure I don't touch anything because it will make a nick in my nails. I put this on and it dries my nails quick.. Then I can go do things without the worry of having to fix my nails.

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Jenna G.

I use drip dry almost everyday at work. This stuff dries the nails almost instantly and makes sort of a protective coat over them so it seems to last longer. This is great i have also noticed if the nail gets smudged with this you can usually smooth it back out

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Donna P.
This stuff works

I'm always on the look out for things that can make my nail polish dry quicker. This stuff really works and its really easy to use. not long after you've painted your nails in their final coat, pop a drip of this stuff on and its dry in no time. make sure to wash your hands shortly after because it can make the skin around the nails a bit greasy.

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Kitty T.
Magic in a bottle

Dries nails with one to two drops quickly. Perfect for those pressed for time. Also great for moms of Diva 3 year olds who must have 'polish'.

Cat W.
Great product

This certainly does the job but don't expect it to act like a top coat. It dries your varnish super fast and beats the spray the I've been using for years.