Professional Pro X Advanced Cleaning System

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Wafi A.
Compared to the Clarisonic....

From personal experience, I have to say that this product does not have the same lasting results as the Clarisonic. While the Olay does clean your face amazingly, over time it does not have any added benefits and may actually harm you.

The Clarisonic oscillates 300 times per second which is much faster than this. Also the Clarisonic does not spin all the way around. Because this brush fully spins at 360 degrees it can actually tear and pull on the skin causing pre-mature wrinkles.

It also isn't waterproof and requires batteries, which I think can be dangerous around water.

I'd much prefer to spend $150 for the Mia and know it was money well spent.

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Kristen A.
Affordable, high-quality facial cleansing tool!
Photo of product included with review by Kristen A.

The Olay Pro-X Cleansing Brush is the size of my hand from wrist to middle fingertip. It's a decent size, not bulky or oddly shaped and has a removable brush head that pops easily on and off. While on, it's very secure and I have never felt like it may pop out or cause me any problems. On the bottom of the Cleansing Brush there is a removable cap that houses the two double A batteries that are required for operation. When I first purchased the product, I was afraid water may get in the battery area, but I have not experienced that problem and after five months, the batteries are still going strong!

There are two buttons on the Cleansing Brush; one to turn the product on and off and one to change the speed from low to high. I prefer to use the high speed, but either will work - it's just a matter of your personal preference. For instance, sensitive skin-types may prefer the low speed.

The Cleanser comes with one brush head. The brush head itself is very soft and the entire head rotates in a circular motion. Olay recommends changing the brush head every three months, or as needed. You can find the replacement brush heads next to the Olay Pro-X Advanced Cleansing System at your retailer. When I checked, the replacements were retailing for about $9.00.

In my experience, the Pro-X Cleansing Brush does a fantastic job of cleansing and exfoliating my face! I have been extremely happy with the results and, though I haven't tried the Clarisonic Mia (which is the product Olay compares their product to), I believe it really does perform just as well as comparable cleansing systems. I have done my fair share of research on this product and from the reviews I've read, most consumers feel the same way.

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Gabbie M.
Cheaper version of pricier product

I use this cleanser every other day to deep clean. It came with a small bottle of cleanser which I do not use (I use with Neutrogena Pink Grapefruit Wash). It cleans very nicely and leaves my face smooth. It did come with batteries which is nice. It has two different speed settings, the lower level is sufficient. I will definitely continue to use this.

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Amanda V.
Love this products!
Photo of product included with review by Amanda V.

I had to travel to several different stores to find my very own Olay ProX Cleansing System. These things must be flying off the shelves, and for a good reason! It's awesome! It's so great that I came straight home and used it, and immediately loved it! So much that I even made a video review and posted it on my YouTube channel.

The brush is smooth, yet firm enough to give a deep clean. I use it every night in the shower and it leaves my skin so soft and fresh. Being that I have sensitive skin, I was worried about the effects of the brush, but I have nothing negative to say about this.

I recommend purchasing it at Costco. They have the best price and you get a full tube of cleanser.

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Emily M.
This is the Best Thing That's Ever Happened to my Skin

Like I said up there, it's the best thing that's ever happened to my skin. Before I started using it, my forehead was scattered with whiteheads, and often spotted with a few pimples. I couldn't stand it. The minute I used this, I felt like my face was breathing. I could really feel it getting everything out of my pores. I immediatly felt refreshed! Within a few days, my forhead had cleared up so much that only about half of the blemishes were left. Now, I use it twice a day, and my face looks and feels amazing. DO NOT hesitate to get this. You'll LOVE it.

Linda M.
LOVE it for my sensitive skin

I read some reviews on this product and decided to give a try. It was a good decision. I instantly noticed a difference in how my soft skin felt after using it. I use it daily with Cetaphil Gentle Skin Cleaner. The brush isn't too abrasive on my oily sensitive skin. For $25 (or less), the value can't be beat. The handle is ergonomic and it's easy to operate. The only con that I found is the battery tray is hard to slide out.

Sarah M.
Made My Skin Glow!

I bought one on amazon for $20 and loved the results. I use my own cleanser because I have acne-prone skin but I love how it makes my skin look and feel. I love that it's waterproof. Great tool for a cheap price!

Davia G.
Great Buy for The Budgetwise Diva

I love my daily dose of heaven! I purchased mine at Sam's Club this Dec for 30$ and I got one for my momma who's 65! I love the fact it's waterproof so it sits in my shower and I use it everyday! Well worth every penny! I have noticed a dramatic difference in the size of pores, tone and texture of my skin! I don't desire nor require my facial cleaner to have as many rpm's as a powerdrill so for me this does a wonderful job! Great addition to any beauty routine!

Hannah M.
Love love love!

I bought this for myself for my bday and used it the day it shipped in! This brush has two buttons: one for turning on and off the brush, and the other for changing the speed settings. (Low and high) I use low because my skin is very sensitive. This makes your skin so stinking soft and smooth! Just put the cleanser you use on your face, then use the brush! Simple and works very effectively.

Samantha G.
affordable but efficient

i recommend this to anyone looking at the clarisonic that doesn't want to pay the money for it. at the end of the day, they both cleanse your skin and i've noticed a huge improvement of my own skin since i started using this. if i skip a night, i have a breakout the next day from leftover make up that i didn't get with a washcloth. i highly highly recommend this- it's absolutely amazing. also, yes it is waterproof. i use mine in the shower all the time and it hasn't shocked me or anything