Complete All Day UV Moisture Cream


Charlotte L.
Great for dry skin.

This is my every day moisturiser. I love it because it really hydrates my dry skin and leaves it feeling soft. I use it straight after a shower and I find my make-up goes on evenly after I have used this. Also it has SPF 15 sun protection which is great. Its just the right consistency too, there is nothing worse than watery creams or creams so thick them just won't sink in.

Jacquelyn J.
HG SPF Cream!

I definitely love this product! I only use this for the summer time for sun protection and what bothers me the most about this product is that it leaves a greasy residue since I have Oily skin.

Melissa S.
My everyday Moisturizer!

I really like this moisture cream, it smells great, and it has SP 15, i have really dry skin and i feel that it moisturizes my face great. I use it every time i get out the shower and it leaves my face feeling really soft

Erica I.
Makes my dry skin oily.

This product is thick. It moisturizes but makes my skin oily looking no matter how little I use. It has spf 15 which isn't that much. I feel like this would be better for oily skin.