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Loose Colour Concentrate


Vanessa T.
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Right off the bat, this is THE BEST when used with a color base. It's the worst by itself and when used wet. The first time I tried these I wore them with a primer and nothing else. I wanted to see what the long lasting power of these were. They did not last in my crease but remained on my lid. I personally would use these with NYX Jumbo Pencils (or any pencil base you may have).

If you want the color to be matted and soft, a white base would be excellent. If you want the color to be bright and bold, a base of the color you're using would be best. Now that I've played around with these, I would say that these are pretty good loose eyeshadow and I'm not one to use loose pigments because I find them to be messy but I thoroughly enjoyed the shades and how easy these are to apply.The colors I have are Glisten, Static, &Chlorophyll

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Shera G.

I have 35 shades of OCC's loose color concentrates... I used them with my Too Faced Shadow Insurance, and they last longer that way. Many of the colors are highly pigmented, and a few are very light, but overall, I think they're great eyeshadows!

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Rachael Y.
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I am reviewing 2 loose colours from OCC.... Platonic and Obscure.

Platonic is a pale cream shimmery pink, and Obscure is white with teal flecks. Obscure doesn't seem like much in the jar, but when it is swatched it is really something special. Personally, I like using the pigments wet rather then dry. The good thing about Obscure is that it looks amazing on dark colors, such as black liners or black shadows. It lightens them up and gives them a gorgeous green tint... and I mean gorgeous.

I mainly use Platonic with my pink-y, purple, and sometimes neutral looks. There are so many things that you can do with these colours. I have even added these colors on top of lip gloss and it looks amazing. Next time I go to NYC or next time I go to an IMATS show I will be picking up more of these loose colours.

Here are swatches of the 2 colors I purchased. (From left to right: Platonic, Obscure) Top swatch is dry, bottom swatch is wet

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Nicole A.

when shopping for pigments I look for eye popping colors that you can't find in pressed virsions. when used alone this is a nice light shade of coral but whrn mixed with duraline by inglot it becomes a blazing color of firey coral, the wear is amazing no creasing or fading (:

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Nicole A.
pigment amazing

this pigment color is beautiful I use it as an all over highlighter when I want a suttle brush of gold or when I want to amp it up and use it as my main color I mix it with a bit of inglots duraline and I get a beautiful mustard colored lid shade. it lasts and does not crease great product (;

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Victoria D.
Give and Take
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I was so excited to purchase some of OCC's loose pigments, and finally narrowed my decision down to 'Cherry Bomb' (bright fuscia) and 'Chlorophyll' (Teal-ish color, in crease in the picture) I absolutely love cherry bomb, it's everything I expected and more. As for chlorophyll, I was really hoping it'd be a lot more pigmented than it was. It comes off kind of sheer, and when you try to build on it, it just blends itself out. I have NOT tried using them wet yet, but I don't think I'd see much of a change in cherry bomb, and the consequences of trying chlorophyll wet may be disastrous! Overall, good quality pigments though! I would buy other colors from them.

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Erica L.
Better than eyeshadows

I have these in Flicker, Foxfire, and Clove. When I first got them, I thought they would be like eyeshadows: looks great in the sifter but okay when applied. NOPE. Even without primer or a white base, each pigment shines its true color on your skin. I was so amazed. The colors are packed with shimmer (not glitters chunks!!) and if you don't want it too shimmery than you blend it and it won't be as shimmery. I applied these around 8am and came back home around 3pm: still great! No retouches and went back to work and came back home around 1130pm. STILL GREAT! This are very ever-lasting, but with that in mind, since these are PIGMENTS not eyeshadows, they do stain the skin... the darker the color, the darker the stain. but it comes off pretty easily so no need to pop an eyeball out by rubbing too hard :) highly recommend these! Definitely planning on purchasing more in the future

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Soo N.
beautiful colors, reasonably priced
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OCC packaging is very simple: no outer box packaging, transparent sticker labels on the lids, sealed sifters and sticker ingredient lists right on the bottom of each color for your convenience. They are very committed to having products that are cruelty-free and vegan friendly. Noise (attached photo) is such a cool duochrome. It looks gorgeous in the pot and it's a bit hard for me to explain the color properly. It has an orange burgundy undertone (similar to Lime Crime's Dragon Scales) with a pinkish purple sheen duochrome under light. Oberon on the other hand, has a light pink pearlescence under light. Both are very pigmented even when used dry and have great wear.

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Phoebe C.
Amazing colour, but blends away too easily.
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I absolutely love the OCC Loose Colour Concentrates - some of the colours (like Jubilee) are really unusual and when pressed onto a base the payoff is really intense.

However, I've got to agree with other reviewers, these pigments are so fine and soft that they blend away to almost nothing.

That said, it hasn't stopped me buying more and won't stop me in future either. They add an amazing pop of colour/shimmer to looks depending on which you choose.

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Syreeta H.
Not the greatest pigmentation compared to others, but nice to have

I have these in Glisten, Obscure, Saturate and Clove. The color pay-off you get with these depends on the medium you use with them. Colors like Obscure will go on more like a wash by itself, but will appear more opaque when applied wet. As others have mentioned these colors stay on longer with the help of a primer, base or if you apply them wet. However, if I were looking for a loose pigment eyeshadow with the most pigmentation it would not be OCC's honestly. You could get the same amount of pigmentation for less money with NYX's Loose Pigments in my honest opinion. That being said I've worn Glisten over my lipgloss just yesterday and the effect was beautiful.

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