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Taime M.
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I was browsing NYX at Ulta and these caught my eye. I didn't even swatch the colors in-store (I purchased Extreme Blue and Extreme Purple). The blue is such a vibrant royal-blue, very eye catching and from a distance. The purple is gorgeous as well, though not AS pigmented when first applied. I always get compliments when I wear either color though. I am a nurse and I work 12 hour shifts which means my makeup is on for at least 14 hours and these babies do NOT budge. If I rub my eye, the color will flake off. But if left alone, these stay vibrant all day long <3. For $4.49, these are a STEAL!! Definitely worth it to pick them up just for the color range!! I can't wait to purchase more!! <3

I will add though that the applicator is a bit tricky to work with. It would be helpful if the bristles of the applicator were just a tad longer. If you don't hold the applicator at the right angle you risk making a thicker line than you want. If I had to I would take half of a star off, but "practice makes perfect" so it's still 5 in my book :D

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Kat T.

I am totally impressed with this formula! Many products of this type come with a hard felt tipped applicator (which I HATE) but this liquid liner came with the type of brush that I would expect with this product. The formula is smooth, easy to apply and very long wearing. I'd easily compare it to MAC's line of Liquilast liners that are now scarce! the color selection is nice too - I will be adding the whole line to my kit!

Victoria D.
Hello Perfection!

Seriously, these are PERFECT! I picked up Extreme Blue and Extreme Purple, and I ADORE them. I get so many compliments when I wear them. The color is effortless. It doesnt matter what you put it over, it's going to seriously be EXTREME blue with one swipe. I definitely need the whole range of colors. The applicator is a little small, but if you take your time, you'll have no problems with it. The color literally will NOT budge, until you're ready to take it off. I've found a new product I can't live without!

Shannyn W.
Long Lasting!

The NYX Cosmetics Studio Liquid Liners are awesome! I purchased "Extreme Blue" and I was completely satisfied. I usually prefer liquid liners with a felt tip but the applicator was still quite simple to use and allowed me to create a precise line. The lasting power on this bad boy was awesome. A full day out with no signs of fading. I will definitely purchase more colors from this line!

Kendra L.

I love these. They are very pigmented and last me all day. Great to add a POP of color. I love the staying power. I get tired of liners that dissapear or smudge. I will be purchasing every color. LOL

Rachel T.

These Liquid Liners are Perfect! The color variety is amazing!!!! I love these, and they are so pigmented! I have no trouble with the applicator, and they're vary long lasting! Great Alternative to the Aqua Liners from MUFE. They're so inexpensive, I want them all!

Katharina W.

I have the purple shade and it's soo amazing!I't really electric and the perfect mix of blue and purple and it stays on the whole day and doesn't smudge if I don't really rub hard on my eyes. just 5 stars!

DeShelle W.

I have the blue, gold and green one. I love these.Perfect for summer time when you want to add that pop of color. I definitely recommend these to everyone. They are so pigmented. I believe they are like less than 7 bucks.

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Bold C.

This eyeliner is again another one of my favorites from NYX. The color is so bright and it last for such a long time. Not only is the color amazing but it is so easy to use and to remove. I absolutely love it and would definitely recommend it to anyone looking to make a statement

Tori H.

This is my favorite liquid eyeliner. It applies smoothly, and has amazing colors. The brush makes sharp lines that look amazing when you wing the liner. It also removes nicely, and doesn't stick like some do.