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Soft Matte Lip Cream

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DeShelle W.
love love!!!
Photo of product included with review by DeShelle W.

I love this Lip cream. I have all 11 shades. and its what I've been reaching for instead of my other lippies. But a tip: Never put this on a bare lip. use a lip balm on first. Definitely worth the money! I have a swatch on my blog the first 2 pictures are the swatches http://theshells23.blogspot.com

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DeShelle W.
Heres another photo of the rest of the swatches
Photo of product included with review by DeShelle W.

I hope you guys love them! They are well worth the money! oh and they last all day!!! It doesn't transfer to cups, teeth etc. LOVE!! Check out my channel as well http://www.youtube.com/theshells23

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Alyssa B.
Great Shades, a Little Drying
Photo of product included with review by Alyssa B.

These Lip Creams can now be found at ULTA, nyxcosmetics.com, and cherryculter.com for around $6. These creams are available in 11 shades ranging from nudes to a deep reds. They have a sweet vanilla scent that I found very pleasant. The feeling of these when they are applied is very hard to explain, but it is a very soft and silky feel. Application isn't too difficult with a sponge tip applicator, so it allows for more precise application. However, you will notice that it takes a few swipes in order to get the color as even as possible. I apply these much like how I would apply a lip gloss. But these creams give a very good color pay off and are fairly opaque. The two shades I purchased are rich and vibrant in color. As with most matte formulas, any flaw in your lips is more likely to show. I would recommend using a lip scrub followed by a lip balm to prep and moisturize your lips. I would apply the lip balm a half hour to hour before application to prevent any slipping. The most disappointing aspect of these creams were how they dried. When first applied, the creams appear slightly glossy, but dry to become matte. Once completely dry (10-20 minutes) these lip creams completely settled in to every nook and cranny on the lips. They over emphasized all of the lines and creases in my lips and I found it quite unsightly. Because they are matte, they do feel a bit drying. I applied a light gloss that eliminated the emphasis of my lip creases, but that defeats the purpose of a matte lip. With the gloss, I got almost 3 hours of wear. Overall, I'm not sure I would recommend these to be worn alone unless you like a "cracked lip" look. However, if you fall in love with a shade in this collection, wearing a clear gloss as a top coat will prevent the "cracked lip" look.


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Andrea R.
I now know why everyone is in love with these :]

These are great. I picked one up at Ulta. It's so pretty. It's definitely different than anything I've tried before. It dries to a nice matte finish and is very long lasting. Plus it smells good, like cupcake or something lol Defnitely repurchasing more of these ;]

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Christina T.

OMG!!! I love this product!!! I have it in 3 shades and they are all gorgeously pigmented, and they last very long. They are matte but not too drying, and you can add a little gloss if you want some shine. I am obsessed with it!

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Samantha B.
Good but with multiple applications

This lip cream is fabulous for the price. It dries to a matte finish. The lip cream runs a tad bit transparent for my taste so multiple applications is used to ahieve an opaque look. The shades these lip cremes are amazingly great and have a great glide on texture to them.

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Ashley B.
matte to the max

PROS: The pigmentation is awesome, and the matte finish is even better. This product is really cool, because it goes on wet and dries to a very matte finish. It is also pretty cheap, cheap enough for me to have it in every single color.

CONS: If you have dry lips, don't use this product. It is very drying. I usually put on lip liner before using.

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Monica D.
Great product for the price!

These are my favorite drugstore lippies! They stay on forever, have beautiful shades, and have excellent pigmentation. The only con for me is that they can be super drying. However, they are still an awesome product for the price.

Jemma grace M.
Milan is my go to!

Loved the color range at first site, and after trying a few matte lip cream/liquid lipsticks/stains, I found this one works well for me. Not too drying, and just the right amount of buildable color. Lost it, had to buy again. I now have 3 colors.

Yenifer R.
creamy, soft, delicate

did not dry up my lips at all, stayed on for my whole night out even after dinner , not even a touch up was neccesary and it came off with only one makeup wipe