NYX Cosmetics

Slim Lip Pencil


Ashli-Mei J.
I love!!

When I went back home for Christmas, I picked up a few lip pencils. I picked up two NXY slim lip pencils in natural and mauve. I also picked up two others from different brands, and I love these ones way more! The colors are just so pretty on my lips and they go on smooth. I like to apply it all over my lips and then add some gloss on top. I will definitely buy more when I visit home again.

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Alexandra G.

I love my lip pencil in natural. It looks so pretty and well...natural looking! I like lining my lips with it, filling the rest of my lips with it, and then topping it with cherry chapstick. It looks very effortless...its like my lips but better. The natural color is really close to my actual lip color...and it makes my lips look super luscious! :)

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Hannah C.
Just As Good As MAC

I don't think NYX's lip pencils get enough love and attention. The pigmentation is outstanding, shade range is untouchable by any other brand and the price point... HELLO! $3.50?? I LOVE these pencils. And what's even better about NYX is it doesn't FEEL cheap. You know those brands that are at a low price point and they just FEEL cheap. I don't ever get that when I purchase NYX. In short: go buy these pencils. You won't regret it.

Liza E.

L?nea up my lips, contin?e upto midlips and cover up with a soft Pink gloss 'Love it when wearing out con a fin day beautiful color. The texture os amazingly smooth con the lips and well pigmented un color.

Kendra F.
OCD with this color
Photo of product included with review by Kendra F.

My favorite by far! It goes perfectly with the Diva shade of lipstick by MAC, but it can even be used as a lipstick because the pigmentation is that good. Same quality as MAC lip liners for a fraction of the price. However, I do wish these were retractable.

Julianne J.
On par with my fave Jordana easyliners for lips! Review on Bloom and Pinky

These are definitely one of NYX's best products! I realllllly love my Jordana easyliner for lips, but these are similar in color payoff and creaminess. I prefer the NYX and Jordana to MAC pencils anyday. But like MAC, these liners are incredible as far as shade range goes. I can't wait to eventually grab all the shades I "need"- at this point PURPLES! I have Pinky and Bloom, which are a must when doing any pink/red/coral/berry lip look! I love the creaminess and high pigmentation, plus you get a decent amount of product. I would probably have more of these If didn't already have so many from brands I love to start with!

Bloom: A really nice berry/deep fuchsia- perfect for adding dimension to any medium/bright pink lip look. Can be worn on its own, with gloss to top, or as a lipstick base/liner. I really need to play with it more, but its great!

Pinky: I knew I needed Pinky when I kept seeing IG gurus using it for their hot pink lip looks. Its the perfect liner for pink lips that are BRIGHT. Can use it with cool toned baby pinks, or bright, neon fuchsias. Looks beautiful on its own. Just a great, no fuss liner!

Tina S.
one of my favorite lip pencils
Photo of product included with review by Tina S.

This product goes on so smoothly over my lips I can outline I can colour my whole lips with this as lip color simply awesome. The price of this is wonderful I don't have to pay 20 or 30 dollars for it and I just love the range of colors this comes in.

Savanna S.

Love, love, love this pencil. It's very creamy and pigmented and the shade Dolly Pink is adorable! I used mine as an all over base colour and put a gloss over the top, it looked great and lasted ages! I will definitely be buying more of these pencils in different shades.

Angie R.
Fushia, Orange and Deep Red

I got these pencils yesterday and tried both the deep red and orange. They apply very smoothly and are absolutely true to their color. I really love them so far!

Monique H.

I am still experimenting with makeup and usually stick to one brand, but right now I cant afford mac so i tried out nyx. Love my lip liner in ever. such a lovely color.