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Round Lipstick

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Niamh D.
Affordable and Amazing payoff!
Photo of product included with review by Niamh D.

I have over 15 of these lipsticks now. My favorite would have to be Paris,firstly as the name is super cute and romantic bringing me back to the happy days i have had there. Its also just a beautiful mix of mauve and pink which i feel is the perfect every day lip. These lipsticks are so affordable too. I live in Ireland so i order mine online from cherryculture.com when they have a sale and i end up picking up over 10 for 20euro meaning they come out at under €2 a lipstick. I would recommend them for someone who's only getting into lipstick as they have such a range as you will definitely find a shade for you!

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No Longer Available D.
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This is my favorite lipstick from NYX. I've repurchased this color over and over! It's a pinky nude color and works well my skin tone! I love to use this lipstick when I do a smokey eye! It lasts about 3+ hours on me and that's without eating or drinking. It's so cheap (price) and this color is really pigmented and creamy! I don't find these drying on myself. I know for some the smell/taste is bothersome but it isn't for me. I really can't taste it! If you have dry lips you may want to apply a balm first. With this line of lipsticks, you have a wide range of colors to choose from!! They are affordable and such a great product!

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Tiffany W.
Love this Lipstick
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This lipstick goes on so smooth and it also has good pigmentation. And the price is really good for the quality of the product. The lasts pretty long one your lips as while about 2-2.5 hour, if you not eating and drink of course.

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Lisa R.

I was always scared of a red lip with my brown skin BUT this shade is perfect! It's not too deep and definitely not too bright! It's perfect for me. I like the fact that with a darker liner I can deepen this look but it's NEVER too bright. It doesn't take a lot and it lasts for hours. I LOVE NYX Lipstick :) Chaos is a great shade!

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Wannipa M.
Beautiful Red color
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I love eros becuz this color make me feel sexy nd little glamour. if you want do classic make up you can wearing only eyeliner nd eros. then you can be sexy girl :)

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Mandy M.
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I have many colors of this liptick. They`re creamy and have a VERY good fixing. They're also highly pigmented! The price is great!

Now I`m whiling to try the Black Label version!

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Sophia M.
Orange Soda great for pale skin!
Photo of product included with review by Sophia M.

The shade Orange Soda works well with pale skin and yellow undertone, imo. Super pigmented (I use one swipe only), and no need to lipliner. I especially love it for covering up my red lips. Sometimes pinks/reds just don't go well with clothing, know what I mean? This l/s can also be layered with a pink gloss on top too for dimension, or a nude gloss for some extra pop :)

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Magali S.
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i love this lipstick its soo creamy and comes in many different shades and for a really great price you will need a gloss over it cuz it will smudge with out it . check out my blog for swatches http://maggielovesmakeup.blogspot.com/

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Mell D.
perfect red

This is a warm toned red and is lovely! It is my favourite red of all time! It isnt so creamy that it is blotchy and it is well pigmented. It lasts well on my lips and brightens the rest of my face!

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Diana G.
Lots of colors & great pigmentation for the price point.

I have several of these and so far, I am really thrilled about all of them. The color payoff for the price is amazing, but then again, it's a lipstick and I don't really know if lipsticks can be "bad". My reason for the 3 1/2 stars though is because the formulas of the lipsticks seem to be very wet/runny/oily? Basically, they don't seem to stay on my lips any longer than 3 hours. By the end of those 3 hours, if there is any color left, it looks dry and flaky and just ugly on my lips. Definitely not very moisturizing, so please use a good lip balm underneath and throughout the day when wearing one of these lipsticks.

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