NYX Cosmetics

Glitter Cream Palette


Dawn C.
One hot mess!

I really wanted this palette to work. The colors look beautiful in the pan, but this stuff is impossible to apply smoothly. I tried it all from using my fingers, dry and damp sponge applicators and brushes and even Q-tips! The glitter (which by the way is only on the top coat of the product!) was not milled very well and scratched my eyelids.

It was also pretty greasy...I don't have oily lids, but it was like putting on tinted Vaseline.

I love NYX overall, but these get a huge pass from me!

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Angela s.
Great glitter palette

I love NYX products and this glitter cream palette is great. I have 2 in bronze goddess and ice queen. They got alot of use this past holiday season. I love the colors and it stays on all day. The only draw back is that there are fall outs during application.

Tiffany F.
Number 1 pick for more glam

i love these palettes. They always add a little something when your not sure of your look. Add a little. Add alot. You cant go wrong with these great colors!

Ashley M.

This stuff is amazing! I wear contacts, so any kind of glitter or shimmer makes me nervous, but this stuff stuck around. You can use a little in corners or build it up for a going out look. Either way, if you're into sparkle, this is your product.

Jenn T.
used it on halloween and..

I loved how it came out. aI hear many people say that it creases and they dont like this product but I think they weren't using this correctly. I applied my UDPP under and then applied this on my lid. Then I set it with shadow and it lasted 9hrs on my lid because we had dressed up for halloween. I'm glad I purchased this product! The only problem I had was when removing it at the end of the day there was still glitter left over and was really stubborn to come off. I also wished there was more product but it doesn't seem to bother me too much cause I wouldn't use this everyday!

Tamyr V.
Photo of product included with review by Tamyr V.

I got this palette along with the pink one. I bought it because I read a lot about NYX and also because I liked the colors. I used it on a client and it looked beautifully. I used it for a glamorous carnaval-ish like look during examination and I absolutely loved it. I like the fact that there is no fall-out when you apply it on the eyelids. And the colors? Beautiful!

Yvette M.
Glitter at its best!

Very Easy to use, although it gets everywhere. The product is creamy and does stay on the lid well just a bit messy. The glitter and color combination is very dynamic..I would recommend for the price!

Ally H.
Good palette

This eye palette I really like due to the multiple shades of bronzy colors. The colors, in general, apply very well and make a good impression- for example: I got three compliments on the eyeshadow within an hour of work because the customers thought it was interesting and unique. A person who wears this glitter needs to be confident, but it makes a bold, impressive statement. My boyfriend also likes it because he thinks it fits my personality. The eyeshadows look good and are bright, but not too bright that it looks unflattering. Since there a variety of shades and the glitter sizes in each eyeshadow vary, you can easily incorporate this palette in everyday makeup. If you like glitter, go for this palette! Some of the glitter in the palette is smaller than others so if you like a quiet, more plain look go for one of those. The best way to apply this palette I feel is with your fingers to get the most color and vibrance on your lid. That is a drawback- it's hard to get strong colors other than glitter. You will most likely want to put on at least one other eyeshadow to go with these palette colors.

Rachel T.
Pretty Nice

I bought these to wear to a New Year's Party. When used on top of cream shadow, they last hours! I wear these to High School football games all the time and get tons of compliments! Tis is the only eye product I have ever used that a sponge applicator works better than a brush for. they aren't exactly how the package describes them, but they work well and are less messy than a completely loose glitter. I own a few color sets, but Ice Queen is probably the best palette to go for in my opinion because of the varied silver colors, which can be worn with just about everything. If you wear alot of Bronze or golds, Bronze Goddess is the Best one.

Annika s.
True party material.
Photo of product included with review by Annika s.

I bought this palette in Bronze Goddess on sale from an online store in Sweden, where the description only said "cream glitter eyeshadows" - but I loved the colors so I thought I'd try it out. I got it at a Friday that I had already made plans to party with some friends that night, so I just had to try it out immediately :) I started by making a nice golden smokey eye-makeup with my Smashbox shadows and then added three colors -the lightest shade on the inner part of the lid, darkest on the outer and medium gold one in my crease. I found the consistency of the creamy glitter-stuff really nice, you do have to blend/mix it together a little in the container with your finger/brush for it to work well when you apply it but that didn't bother me at all. I applied them with my fingers and then went over the edges with a firm brush, not a soft blending one (I hate having English as a second language, it's hard finding the right words - firm, compact, dense - not fluffy, I hope you understand me well enough) to fade the colors for a nice transition. I got almost no fall out while applying, and none what so ever during the night. After oil-based eye makeup remover and face wash this glitter came off quite easily, I just finished off by going over the parts that needed it with a cotton-swab and some toner to pick up stray glitters. Someone mentioned that their palette only had a thin layer of glitter on top and "Vaseline" underneath, mine had about 50/50 and after mixing them together the consistency were great. Not too dry nor not too greasy, just a nice cream that went on easily on my lids. The packaging is sturdy and looks nice. For me the only con is the price, since NYX is a little more expensive over here (Sweden), this palette goes for about 21 us dollars. I recommend this if you are into glitter, though if you're looking for discrete-looking glitter this is not your thing. Hope this was helpful to some of you!