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Eyeshadow Base


Vannessa L.
Must have.

This product is perfect when using pigments, glitters or bright colors. And a little of this product also goes a long way. I still have not hit pan on mine. I always use the after applying my primer..

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Zipporah K.
Good Base!

This eyeshadow base is great for being use a base or a primer for me. You do have to be careful not to pack on to much for risk of creasing. It matches my skin tone perfectly because it seams to a little bit of a darker base which is great for muting out any discoloration of the lid. It is inexpensive and comes in 3 different shades. Ive never tried the others but I will because this one was perfect!!

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Milaynie K.

This eyeshadow base is a great way to make your eyeshadow colors stand out. The colors also hold for a very long time and don't fade or smudge out. I hardly use eyeshadow anymore without it!

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Nicky F.
Amazing Results

I was given this in my kit when I did my first makeup course and kinda hid it down the bottom of my case because at that stage I was addicted to the Urban Decay Primer Potion and nothing could compete with Urban Decay in my eyes. One day I was doing makeup and couldn't find my Urban Decay primer in my case but found this at the bottom and thought sure I might as well give it a try, I'm desperate. So I did and haven't looked back since. I think its probably for younger skin as it adds a touch of shimmer to your eyeshadow. Its quite a thick product but you only need to use a small amount. I haven't had to replace mine yet. It really goes a long way. It makes my shadow last so much longer (until I go to take it off before bed). It also doubles as a highlighter. I'd be lost without this product. Its my "go to" eyeshadow base. Urban Decay who lol

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Minjee Y.
like MILK, in pot form.

if you love nyx's MILK jumbo eye pencil you're gonna love this. I don't know but for me this does NOT crease. I repeat it does NOT crease on me. I use this as primer, or over primer sometimes for extra strength hold. It gives the colors I put over my eyes a more vibrant look. It really makes a difference, especially with red eyeshadow. colors in general. Love this. I bought it last year off ebay for less than $4 and still have the whole pot of it. doesn't take much product to use. love it.

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Stephanie L.

I love using this when im using bright shadows as this base allows the shadows to pop to their fullest potential. The price is amazing compared to other favorites of mine so this is a favorite purchase of mine.

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Maria Y.

Applying this under your eyeshadow color will give you the best results of long lasting eye shadow and stopping eyeshadow from creasing. I love this product and it is a must have in any girls make up collection.

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Angela s.

This white base is beyond great under colored eye shadows. It really makes the bright colors stand out and pop. And for the price you can't beat it. It lasts all day and doesn't crease. I'll definatly re-purchase it.

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Tommi R.

I love this! It makes my eyeshadow and liner stay all day long and it lasts a long time. It is inexpensive and it is worth it since you don't have to replace it often at all. I would totally recommend this to everyone!

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eyezayuh m.

Everyone should own at least 2 of these!! One for yourself and one for your makeup kit. I love the consistency and I usually apply it with a concealer brush. It does make colors pop more and helps eyeshadows sweep on better.

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