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Black Label Lipstick

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Kendra F.
Affordable. moisturizing. A natural.
Photo of product included with review by Kendra F.

This is a rosy nude color on me, but I love it! I love how it goes with my complexion. I have a caramel complexion with yellow undertones, and unlike other lipsticks that have the name nude or appear to be that, this inexpensive NYX lipstick works for. I wish it was a matte color, but for the look of this as well as the price I could not pass this beautiful, smooth and silky color up!

I originally went in to the store looking for nyx maison, but it appears to be sold out everywhere unfortunately for me. Maybe I'll be able to find it in a local beauty store, but I love that NYX has variety when it comes to the colors they carry with their lipstick.

Anyway, here's a tip! If you ever want a lipstick to be matte, just apply baby powder over your lips with an eyeshadow brush and there you have it - matte. Also, I think matte goes really well on women with big lips. It make a bold statement.

Aside from ky not being matte, I wish the packaging were like the matte packaging. I'm not sure if the packaging is durable or not, but the color of the top is off putting. It looks a little cheap. Then again, I am a MAC lipstick lover and I love their packaging, but NYX is a great alternative to MAC lipsticks especially when MAC sells out of the color you're looking for.

Tyni R.
Got more than I expected

All I really wanted was to find the perfect shade of neutral pink for my lips and I did get it through NYX Black Label Lipstick in Bling! Didn't expect that it would come in a very fragrant smell and creamy texture that it glides smoothly on my lips! Guess I won't need to prep my lips w/ lipbalm prior using my NYX Bling! I even got this at a discounted price!

Shamink C.

smells like grape seed oil and are super moisturizing. liner or lip primer would take it over the top cuz the stuff is creamy like watercolors. Got it in a swag bag and was really impressed. am looking to get more products from nyx

Chelsey M.
Best red I've ever tried!

Seriously ladies, this red lipstick is SUPER pigmented and I little bit goes a LONG way! I love how smooth it applies and it's nice and shiny without a gloss! Not drying at all either! Also, the smell kind of reminds me of Skittles which is always a nice treat. :) For the price, you can't beat it! Looking for a good red? Try this one!

Mary P.
I like!

I only own 1 NYX Black Label lipstick and its in Beige. I absolutely love this color, its a nude soft brown color, its a matte finish, feels smooth, creamy and from my experience, its long lasting up until you eat or drink, still a good color pay off though, true to the color.

Lizbeth A.
Photo of product included with review by Lizbeth A.

i Love it!! Very Smooth and creamy, i like how it moisturizes my lips. I super love the hot pink :) I so amazed that the product is very pigmented. I can't wait to try other shades :)

Krystal C.
Gorgeous color payoff, Long wearing, Smooth, Moisturizing!!
Photo of product included with review by Krystal C.

I am head over heels, in love with the formulation of this lipstick! I applies and feels smooth on the lips, the shade selection is gorgeous, the pigmentation is fantastic and fits the swatches seen online very well, this lipstick is not drying on the lips and actually feels similar to a lip balm. The lipstick lasted me about 3-4hrs before fading began. I think out of all these lipsticks, the Black Label is my favorite because of how smooth and pigmented it is, plus at different angles the lipstick shade takes on a different hue - it's gorgeous! Swatch attached is of the shade Orchid

Kristina H.

Creamy, smooth, moisturizing lipstick. I have this in Hot Pink and I will soon have the Black Label Lipsticks in MANY MORE. Wow, this takes the cake for me for "drugstore" make up. I pine over Nars Lipsticks every time I stroll through Sephora... longing for the pigmented vibrant colors. NO LONGER WILL I PINE (much) FOR THOSE LIPSTICKS. NYX pulled through with this one, it doesn't have that weird chemically smell that most lipsticks have from the drugstore. It is smooth and lovely, I cannot wait to try their reds!

Tina L.
Adore ;)

I must say I was impressed with this lipstick. I do own a few colors, but Fire is my absolute favorite. It's a modern kick to my red lip. The shimmers are small & subtle, nothing chunky or that you can feel. The finish is glossy but opaque. It was't over moisturized to where it was bleeding out the lip line & did not dry out my lips. It doesn't have any long wear claims, so you do have to reapply after eating, drinking or kissing. Overall I love this line & will surely purchase more.

Kimberly H.

These are a step up from the NYX Round Lipsticks. I really like the consistency of these. I wore "Acapulco" to work the other night and it lasted through the 4 hour shift. Just use a base first.