Neutrogena Naturals

neutrogena naturals fresh cleansing + make up remover


Cynthia M.
Two in one done right!

Two in one done right! this is the perfect balance of a facial cleanser and make up remover! Its gentle but powerful formula remover even waterproof eyeliner ! Dear Neutrogena please never stop making this amazing product! RECOMMENDED FOR EVERYONE!

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Elizabeth O.
The Best!

I love love love this face-wash! It's incredible, the perfect combination of a deep cleanser and COMPLETELY removes make up, (no left over mascara behind, ladies) It leaves my skin soft and refreshed, the $9 dollars you spend on this is soo worth it because it lasts so long too. I just bought my second bottle after having the 1st one for 4 or 5 months. & honestly, you can't go wrong with neutrogena for your face. Their pore scrubber for this line is also awesome, every other night I use it after this one removes my make-up. Smells great too!

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karissa b.
Amazing first impression!

I've only been using this product for a couple days.. And I must say, it has already done wonders for my skin! It is incredibly gentle, but very effective. I have some spots on my skin that are VERY dry and some spots that are VERY oily and this cleanser just has the right touch for each spot. Loving it SO much.

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Fabuless Beauty L.
Broke me out!

Does it clean my face? Yes. Remove my makeup? Yes. But do you know what it also did? It broke me out in places that I usually don't break out in (i.e cheeks). I really had high hopes for this product as I am a huge Neutrogena fan. If you have sensitive skin, this product will most likely not work for you.

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Lily I.
Other product by same line

I have never used the cleanser, but I use their blemish cream and it works great! It is not harsh and does not smell bad like other creams. The great thing is about the cream is that it works really well and quickly, while still managing to be gentle on sensitive skin.

Meg F.
My HG cleanser

Wow, I'm so pleased with this cleanser that I just bought my second bottle! I have hormonal acne-prone skin, so I can usually never tell when a product really works for me aside from it not worsening my breakouts, other factors, etc. This one has continuously kept my face clear and calm ever since I've used it. Now I only get a couple minor pimples during the time of the month which I can live with! I even tested its efficiency by switching to another cleanser that I used to use before it, and sure enough it didn't make my skin happy. Breakouts had returned! Switched back to this gem and they ceased!

The cleanser itself might not be suitable for those with dry skin types. Personally it does not leave my combo skin dry whatsoever, but from reading others reviews, the dryness is a common complaint. It is 86% natural and I like that I don't feel guilty using it on my skin unlike another type of cleanser with sulfates, pthalates, dyes, etc, too. To me, the scent reminds me of apples and its not bothersome. I don't see how it's "too strong" for some people; they must have very sensitives noses because its really not even that strong, especially compared to others on the market. What's more is it doesn't clog my pores, leave an odd residue, nor fail to remove ALL my make up! It removes revlon colorstay and waterproof eyeliner + mascara. That's a win in my book. I find that I get a great lather using a warm washcloth. My skin feels fresh and clean every time.

Anita R.
This product is GREAT!

I love love love this cleanser. I purchased it and started seeing results within a couple of days. I was using Murad before this and I started to see that it wasn't working as great for me as it use to so I decided to go with a natural cleanser to see how it would work. I absolutely love my decision that I made and I am definately going to keep using this product.

Rebecca L.
BEST for removing makeup!

I've never tried a face wash like this one! Normally when I wash my face at the end of the day, I still need to take some makeup remover to the eye-area to get rid of the raccoon in the mirror. Not with this wash! It doesn't lather too much or too little and is worth its weight in gold. The only con is, like other facial cleansers, it's not cheap in-store.

Ari M.

I like Neutogena products and when I saw this I had to try it. I purchased a set of two bottles on for about $12.00. This product is worth every penny, it smells wonderful & leaves your face feeling fresh, clean, super soft and not dry at all. I use it everyday for regular cleansing, to remove makeup & after removing makeup with Neutrogena makeup remover towelettes for that extra dose of clean. The bottle may seem small but its worth it as you only need one pump.

You may have a hard time finding it in stores but you cant beat price and free shipping.I Highly recommend this product

Amrita A.
Love this!

I used to use it daily, and I absolutely loved it. For some reason I haven't found it in stores near me recently but the second I find it again, I'm going back to it. I love love love this. It's not harsh on makeup and it helps keep your skin soft and moist!