Makeup Remover Cleansing Towelettes - Hydrating


Arielle Z.

I'm one of those girls who's addicted to eye makeup, and during the summer I wear tons of waterproof eyeliner and mascara which can cling to my eyes like glue. I've tried several of the Neutrogena makeup removers before: the Oil Free Eye Makeup Remover (which I didn't like at all), the Eye Makeup Remover lotion (nice smell but took way too much effort to use), and the regular makeup remover wipes (good but not very moisturizing). This one was the best; it removed all my waterproof makeup and foundation and left my skin feeling moisturized when I was too lazy to wash my face. Like others have said, it does have a very strong smell which takes some getting used to, but I don't mind it.

I'm definitely gonna keep buying these!

Tashina M.
Big fat NO!

First off, the smell is awe full. So perfumey I couldn't take it. Secondly I really had to rub and rub to get any of my eyeliner and mascara off. It took off my face makeup pretty well but my eye makeup was too much for these. It says on the package that you don't have to wrinse after using these but if you don't you are left feeling greasy and smelly at first. Then it dries a little and it feels sticky and smelly and then just overly dry smelly skin. Gross! There is a makeup remover lotion in the same color packaging and it is part of the same line by neutragena and it is amazing. That's why I tried these. Thought they would go well together. Not at all.

Nuo Si L.
Smells good!

It smells really good. It does not have excess liquid. Easy to use as you could just take one piece and get into bed. One piece can clear a large amount of make up.

Wesley R.
They work amazing!

I love these! They remove all your makeup including eye make up without leaving anything behind (even waterproof makeup!!!). One towel can do your entire face! They smell amazing! My face feels fresh and hydrated afterwards! My skin can be sensative at times and I've never had any issue with these! I'm one who doesn't like to wash and tone my face every night because I'm lazy and these do the trick!! I also always bring them on photo shoots, when I travel and use them every day!

Rosa P.
omg it burns

i wanted to try makeup cleansing towells and i saw so many gurus on youtube saying this was bomb. so i picked it up and omg my eyes burned so much. its not even funny. usually neutrogena doesnt irritate my sensitive skin but these made my face so irritated and red. my eyes even swelled up from the burning. i immediately stopped using them and my mother now uses them all the time. my sensitive skin is not for this product.

Katerina Z.

These are my go to's for taking off all makeup especially eye makeup, takes off even waterproof eyeliner. Its gentle and doesnt break me out doesnt leave my face feeling yucky or oily. Love it!

Michelle D.

This neutrogena Cleansing towelletes is one of the best cleansing towelettes you can get in the market. So far, this one is the best that I've tried though, and I tried at least more than 5 brands. It's even better than some dep store brands. It remove make up really well and doesn't dried out your skin. However, it doesn't take off my waterproof mascara, I'm currently using the neutrogena waterproof eye make up remover, and that one is good too! But for face make up, this is very good, easy to use make up remover

S N.

I do like these. I had been looking around for some time trying to find a nice makeup remover cloth that didn't break the bank like the MAC ones do. The Neutrogena ones removed the longest lasting makeup I had on my face. Nothing to complain about.

Briana K.
Love these makeup remover towelettes!!

My go to makeup remover towelettes!! I swear these are awesome!! smells great and takes it all off. Very hydrating feels super nice while taking off your makeup!! I recommend it to anyone, any skin everyone :) Kind of expensive from the original towelettes but hey beauty is pain right... lol but seriously try it!! I still wash my face after I use these but still does it's job!! try it out ladies and hopefully you will love these :)

Angela V.

I love these cloths. They work very well to getting all the makeup off. Even the hard to get off waterproof mascara. I was lucky enough to find these at costco a bunch of them for a low price I believe I got 4 packs and 2 travel size for 18 bucks 20 bucks max.. They are great cloths and I would recommend them to everyone.. They work well on sensitive skin as well.

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