Healthy Volume Mascara

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Mary Anne M.
Volumizes and Conditions Lashes

The packaging for this mascara looks cheap but the formula was in fact very impressive, comparable to Maybelline’s Full N Soft Mascara (my favorite, but this is a close second). I have short lashes, so this mascara's large wand applicator was a little tricky to maneuver through each lash without missing.

But the mascara is pretty fluid, so I never experienced clumping and it separated my lashes nicely and didn't weigh them down throughout the day. No flaking, either! However, it is easy to wash off at the end of the day, so some people may find that this smudges easily during wear.

My favorite thing about this mascara is its olive oil component, and how soft my lashes stay with it on. It lengthens and volumizes in a single coat, and it doesn't feel stiff or brittle. I actually wonder if it possibly improved the health of my lashes, because I noticed that both my naked upper and lower lashes were slightly longer with repeated use.

For those who are looking for a very dramatic look, this probably won’t volumize and lengthen your lashes enough, but this is a really nice if you like a look that's in between natural/no-makeup and dramatic. Once you get used to the brush, it’s very easy and quick to apply since just a single coat makes a big difference.

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Minjee Y.
big brush does wonders

this mascara is awesome. It looks natural and gives my lashes a huge lift. this gives me volume 10x more and I love that the brush is big and fat because I feel like the fat brushes like these always help with the volume of my lashes. the formula is great. I hate really wet formulas and this does not at all feel like that.