Anti-Residue Formula Shampoo


Melanie G.

This product does what it says it will do...removes residue from your hair! Using this once a week leaves my hair nice and soft and I can tell that my regular shampoos and products are working much better. I no longer have that grimy or oily feeling in my hair due to using so many products. The only downside is that is does make my hair a tad bit dry, so I try to use a hydrating hair mask or deep conditioner when using this shampoo.

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Victoria  A.
Awesome, especially for oil control

I struggle with extremely oily hair and tried this stuff about 2 years ago. Now I always have a bottle in my shower. It's a great product to try if you are struggling to find a shampoo that doesn't weigh your hair down or contribute to it's oiliness. One wash with this will help tremendously. I use it once or twice every two weeks or so, or whenever I feel like I've overdone it on the dry shampoo and sea salt sprays I use. The only thing I don't like is the smell. It reminds me of laundry detergent, kind of chemical, but I can deal with it since the product works so well.

Erica I.
Cannot live without it!!!

I've been using this shampoo once a week for about 4 years now and I absolutely love it. It does a great job with getting rid of oil and extra build up from products. If I don't use this product weekly then my regular shampoo with not work as great, leaving my hair more oily. I will keep repurchasing bottles of this amazing shampoo.

Kelly K.
Great Hair Cleanser

This shampoo is great to use once, maybe twice a month to really get your hair clean. The smell is very medicinal but yet very subtle. I have fine hair that thickens as I use my every day hair products and can become very greasy. This shampoo removes residue and products effectively. Not for every day use. Highly recommended staple for your beauty regimen!

Laura H.
After you use any kind of mask in your hair.. THIS gets rid of the residue.

This is GREAT for removing all that buildup from hair products, and hair masks, of any kind! I use this maybe once a week when I put a mask on my hair, I rise everything then use this clarifiying shampoo, and BOOM. Clean as it gets! I highly reccommend this!

Amelia R.

I used this for the first time last night because I've been using a lot of product in the last couple weeks, and I could feel my hair getting really greasy, so I picked it up at Walgreens. Oh my lord, my hair feels wonderful.

I heeded the advice of those in the comments below and deep conditioned after using it (which I could tell in the shower would be a good idea). My hair is so soft and I didn't even have to use product today, it just felt so good the way it was.

I would recommend getting it at Ulta though, if you can because I went there right after Walgreens, and there it was two dollars cheaper. Just a suggestion.

Deborah B.
The Name Says It All

This product will remove all hair products, dirt, and oil from your hair. This can be very drying to your hair be sure to deep condition after use. You will not be disappointed in this anti-residue shampoo.

Shauna  W.
A Weekly Staple

I use this about once a week and have for several years. It's reliable and just what you need to keep your hair from building up residue, oil, etc from hair products and an array of shampoos and treatments. No matter what other high end products I may have on hand, I use this at least one day a week and my hair feels clean, soft and full of volume afterward. It's like a clean slate! I only take off a half star because it doesn't smell that great and I agree with other reviewers it can be a little drying. But it's not an everyday shampoo.

Z Z.
squeaky clean!

This is great shampoo for getting rid of residue and making hair seriously clean! I had dreadlocks years ago and used this shampoo to deal with the build up, it worked great for that, but works even better on regular hair to remove oil and product build up

Julianne J.

I tend to battle with how I rate my reviews- should I dock off points because I had some negative experiences with this, or be more judicious? At any rate I've had mixed feelings for sure on this little sucker.

When my dreads were starting to develop naturally (under the "patience" method) I was searching for a residue free shampoo that would help keep my dreads clean, without getting shampoo residue trapped in the locks, thus delaying drying time and adding gunk that is hard to remove from locks. A lot of dread forum sites praised this so I gave it a go. The smell is sort of masculine cologne-ish, which is fine, but not really what I wanted, and its just a weird, almost over-powering smell. I could feel a difference in my non-dreaded hair (bangs), very smooth, light and shiny- but it was hard to rinse from my nasty rats nest dreads, and the feel of shampoo in my hair, and that weird smell almost made me turn away from the product, all together. I've recently chopped the locks off because they are soo high maintenence and come with a host of potential problems (dandruff) and have started to use this in exchange with the fancy shampoos I am now able to use. I still think its a little hard to wash out (all shampoos feel this way to me now, I know its weird- I plan on someday cleansing my hair the natural way, maybs). As far as lather, there's not a lot, probably because they don't want to add sulfates to help the product lather. There's a lotta debates on sulfates in and out of the dread communities, so I guess its cool they left it out of this shampoo.

Edit* This makes my normal hair really soft and silky. It feels thick and wavy/curly, but also super brushable and easy to run my fingers through. I'll probably always keep a bottle around, despite the funky smell, because it is useful.

All in all I think its pretty good for getting residue out, but the smell is a little strong. I don't know if its that great for dreads, but some swear by it. I'm just not cut out for dreads so I'm glad to be back to the normal hair world! <3