Soft Touch Shadow Pencil


Azarette D.

i actually use hollywoodland!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! on my lips with bellededjour over. i have people come up to me and say i want exactly whats on my lips!!! goddess is also beautiful on lips or eyes!!! great texture super smooth!!

Tami Y.
Creamy, easy to blend and portable

The new Palladium shade was just introduced for Fall 2010, but I hope it will stick around for a long time. Named after the iconic NYC hot spot, this bright, sparkly turquoise shade will totally let you stand out wherever you go. The formula is extremely smooth and very blendable. You can use it alone on the lid or use it as an eyeliner accent (on top of your base liner). You can also layer it with other eye shadows for an interesting effect. I like to use it with the new NARS Tzarine eye shadow duo- it’s a verrrry pretty look. I was initially worried that this will be hard to use but you'd be surprised to see how well it matches other eye shadow colors. It won’t fade off and if you’re careful, it’ll last for several hours. Use a primer to lock it down, as if will rub off eventually.

Nicole A.
A creasing mess

I have 2 of these in this color and in celebrate, I bought them to use just as a nice pop of color when I'm in a hurry. Nars is a wonderful luxurious brand and I have nothing but amazing things to say about all there face products, but that's it.. These with a price tag of 25$ a pop are horrible, the color selection is nice as well as the idea of such ease and use but 1st off they crease like crazy I use primer under them and within a few hrs all the color is bunched up in the middle of my eyelids, I've also tried them on the inner corners of my eyes especially this color and it's smears and vanishes. At this price I would expect a much better Nars quality of product, maybe my lids are just to oily but still that being said this is Nars we are talking about (:

Kookie S.

I used Celebrate which is nice as a base color but a primer is still required otherwise it will crease. The color is cute but it just doesn't stay long and creases within minutes.