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Erin Z.
Best. Pink. EVAR.
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Man I cannot get enough of Turkish Delight, its really the prettiest pale pink/nude I've ever used. On any given day, if I'm NOT wearing striptease, I'm wearing Turkish Delight. It's so soft, subtle and wears well that I just feel kinda lost without it. Both this color and striptease LIVE in my purse. ;)

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Erin Z.
My Go To Nude
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Ok, these things aren't cheap, but I gotta tell you...I LOVE them. I got the sample set last year from xmas and I simply LOVE the striptease color. It's the best nude I've ever used. Really it's almost my daily lip color. I'm sure there are dupes out there, but I feel like the color, consistency, and lasting wear of NARS make it well worth the price. A little dab goes a LONG way. I'm a fan!

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Nancy-Lee C.
Gets sticky over time
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This is for "Downtown" a nordies exclusive from Holiday '10. This is a beautiful opalescent purple whose shade can multi-task. Wear it alone, with pencil, blend over lipstick... It's a pretty universal skin tone shade. Maybe not for the palest of skin tones. I have it on alone in my picture.

I love the applicator, it reminds me of a terry towel and because of the texture it smooths not globs the gloss on your lips. The downside, it becomes sticky over time or if you rubs your lips together often, like I do.

I probably wont rebuy this shade because there are so many others that I would like to try.

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Gabbie M.
Not worth the price

I purchased this lip gloss because I saw this shade on other people and really liked it. As far as this particular shade, it's a nice light pink with no shimmer. But I must say, I absolutely hate the formulation of this lip gloss. It's too thin, you have to build it up on your lips and it wears off so quickly. I hate lip glosses that you have to keep applying constantly. Also, the smell is a turn off. It has a chemically smell and it you happen to lick your lips or something it leaves a bitter taste in your mouth. It would be nice if these had a sweet scent like MAC, it would make them slightly more appealing. I ended up returning this lip gloss soon after I purchased it, I could not justify keeping it for the price. And because I did like the color so much, I found a dupe for it at Victoria Secret in the shade Innocent. The quality is so much better and it cost less than half the price. I gave this lip gloss two and a half stars simply for the color selection, but I would definitely not purchase again. If NARS carries a particular shade that you like, my advice would be to find a dupe for it as I did.

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Myrna P.
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I love them all but my favorite at the moment is Greek Holiday. Such a beautiful color. I always get compliments when I wear this. I like to wear it on top of MAC's Boy Bait

Mayra H.

One of the best products I've used on my lips. The color is perfect. I use this on top of MAC modesty and it blends in so well, If you like nude colors I recommend this product.

Alyson B.

I own several shades, but Giza is my favorite. It's the ultimate flattering, go-with-everything pinky peach shade. These glosses are lightweight and comfortable, moisturizing, and not sticky. I have heard loads of complaints about the smell, and I don't get it. I barely smell anything. There's no added fragrance. But if it bothers you that much, you can always add a drop of peppermint oil or something similar to your tube. I have tons of glosses, but I find myself reaching for NARS the most.

Kristina C.
pricey but soo worth it

I have 6 nars lipglosses and I love them all but Turkish delight is absolutely amazing doesn't get cakey or supper sticky on the lips. Turkish delight is also what kim k wears all the time if u like the nude pink lips she has:)

Jasmine B.

Last long time. I've had it for over a year and I use it everyday. Definitely will buy again and stock up. It goes on so smooth. I recommend it.

Theresa G.
I love this gloss!

I fell in love with this gloss an have tired to find an exact dupe which has been unsuccessful : ( its cost is outrageous but if you really love something you'll still buy it. And that has been my case. I have gone through 3 of these for this year so far and I am soon to purchase another one!