Larger Than Life Volumizing Mascara

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Giuliana P.

Every woman should have this staple in their makeup wardrobe. See my review of the lengthening for more details, but basically I couldn't live without it. The primary difference between this and lengthening is the brush, and this one has fibres in it that really boost volume.

Alyssa C.
Photo of product included with review by Alyssa C.

this wand is a magic worker it volumizes my lasher while spreading them apart and lengthening them. i absolutely couldn't be happier. i usually do two to three swipes of this and for extra umph ill add a swipe or too of falsies lash mascara over !

Azarette D.
cant live without

mine had never clumped or feathered. its buildable you can mix lengthening and your volumizing together. great jet black lacquered lash look. come off easy with your NARS soft milk cleanser. take the wand to the back of your lash line and wiggle it through on top and bottom of your top and bottom lashes (to get the product on both sides) you cant ask for a better mascara and its great for your lashes too. my fav is the volumizing. however, for older clients or someone without a steady hand the lengthening is perfect with the wand shape and size!

Huda A.

I love this mascara. it gives me HUGE lashes, curls them, lengthens them & thickens. it's one of the best, a but pricey though, but it doesn't clump at all. thumbs up

Christina T.
Solid mascara that gives volume but clumps a bit
Photo of product included with review by Christina T.

I do like this mascara since I feel like it volumizes and maintains the curl in my lashes decently. The wand is thick so it really does pick up all your lashes. I have noticed that if I don't brush off the wand first, the mascara does slightly clump. I use a spooly to wipe off the excess so it's not a huge deal. I like to use 3 - 4 light coats of the mascara, letting my lashes dry 15 seconds in between each coat. Though it's not a bad mascara, I will not purchase it after I use it up since it's a bit pricey. *** I received this product from a NARS associate at Bloomingdales for no reason other than her being awesome :)

Charlotte D.

My lashes are naturally long and quite thick so I don't tend to need an "amazing" mascara but this was so disappointing. I don't find it that volumising at all. It doesn't clump which is nice and goes on quite well. My main dissapointment/angry issue is that it's like a waterproof mascara when it isn't stated as one. When removing it rips out eyelashes (I use the garnier micellar cleansing water which usually removes everything exceptionally! Except this). So if you do but it, make sure you have waterproof eye makeup remover! It's the only thing that will budge it without being rough and sitting for ages

Huda A.
I reviewed this before, but I dont like it that much now

I don't know what happened, but I don't like it anymore. it looks great once you put it on, but once it dries, it doesn't look that thick or voluminous (your lashes i mean) anymore :(