Larger Than Life Lengthening Mascara


Giuliana P.

This is an absolute staple in my makeup wardrobe. Hands down. Working with NARS in the past means that I have basically every product/tool that they sell. Seriously...I bought one of everything because I couldn't help but want to take everything home with me every day.

This product in particular is something that I still buy once a month to this day and absolutely wouldn't want to leave the house without it on. I am constantly asked if my lashes are real (I always have been regardless of what product I'm using) but what is truly my favourite thing about this is that it helps nourish my natural lashes and promote healthy grown and strength. It has nourishing oils in it that really make it a lash fortifier as much as a makeup product.

I love the fact that it is Gel based. I can wear it literally for 24 hours (hence "larger than life long wear"). It is plush, flexible, and stays glossy looking – which is what Francois Nars designed it to do, to minimise touch ups on set/photo shoots. One thing I actually showed my clients often in store was that I could rub my lashes with my finger and the product didn't smudge, transfer, lose pigment, and best of all my lashes bounced right back to where they were before I rubbed them! I honestly am obsessed with it. It is well worth the price.

One added note is that once when I was visiting my father he even noticed that my lashes looked great and commented on it. No lie. He asked if I was "wearing those fake things". Too funny.

Hands down this is a must have!

Suzi N.
The only mascara that holds my curl

I love this for lengthening and defining my lashes. Applies very lightly and holds my curl without weighing my lashes down like most mascaras do. Once dry, I apply a few coats of a voluminous mascara on top for bolder, thicker lashes.