Bronzing Powder

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Nicole A.
The Best

I've used many many bronzer products over the years and nothing can touch this one. 1st off its super natural, bronzer is ment to warm the skin not fake tan it. It also has little to know shimmer when applied on the skin, it can also be used for light contouring without looking muddy or fake, plus the pan lasts forever!!! The price point is a bit high but all Nars face products are luxury in my opinion. I will never use another bronzer out there, to be able to look warm without all the fake color is just amazing just a wonderful product (:

Tessa M.

The best bronzer ever! I couldn't find anything else like it it's better than other products from walmart , or the bronzers that have a orange look, it's really good for contouring and it has a great color!!!! I would recomond people to try it!

Rosa M.
Fricking amazing

Honestly I love my bronzes, and have quite the fair share of them, this is one of my favorites, it goes well with my skin tone, blends easily and lasts all day, which I really do appreciate.

Masha G.
So natural

I always struggle to find a bronzer that highlights my face and doesn't make it look cakey. This is by far the best bronzer I've tried it looks so natural and nice. Will definitely be vying more👌

Becky B.

I have Laguna and I love it! It has a small amount of shimmer, but isn't noticeable on the cheeks. I find I can use it to contour aswell as bronzing my face. It isn't muddy or orange it is a perfect colour, and worth every penny!

Zhahara J.

I've found it hard to find a bronzer that's dark enough for bronzing and contouring as most have made me look washed out, too light or orange/red Oompa Loompa looking. Nars Casino has been my HG for bronzers. It's matte and natural enough for contouring and gives me 'bronzed' color without looking too over the top. In Australia it's hard to find and over priced so I've been using a dupe that's cost effective.

Melanie P.

I'm really pale NW13 and people say fair skinned women shouldn't bronze or countour but I use this and it works great for me. I don't look dirty at all because it's so blue toned not like all the orange toned bronzers

Janet L.

Who doesn't love this bronzer?!? My skin is NC 30 in the winter and NC 40 in the summer and this gives the perfect shade to use for contouring without looking orange. Slightest touch of gray which I need to create shadow effects.

William C.

This is by far my favorite bronzer to contour with, it blends beautifully and has amazing buildability. I prefer it to any contour powder I've used. This was the first product from NARS I tried and immediately after first use I ordered Albatross. The brand is amazing and definitely worth the buy. It doesn't look cakey or settle into creases and it lasts all day. I like using it in my crease to give my eyes very subtle definition

Ellakai P.
multipurpose product

Best.Bronzer.Ever. Green based bronzer that goes lovely on all skin colors without looking orange or muddy! I love how it starts off as a soft shade rather than a clump of powder like a lot of other bronzers I've tried - but can also be built up for the ultimate contouring ! I also put Laguna in my eyebrows for a softer, more natural look. I also use this as a transition color in a lot of makeup looks I do :) Holds a lot of product + the packaging is so slim and not a pain to put in your makeup bag you really cant go wrong with this product??

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