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Simone W.
Worth every penny

I'm not sure why I can't get the full star-age on this but trust, I'm giving it the full 5. Taj Majal is a brown skinned girl's dream. It's gorgeous. You only need a little bit so I figure it will last forever which kinda evens out the cost. This blush is the truth! Please, please, please try. It makes you look like you're glowing from within. Who wouldn't want that?

edit...purchased Exhibit A and I love it just as much as Taj Mahal. So natural looking and long lasting. It makes me look healthy and happy. Love. Don't be skerred, try it. : p

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Toya A.

It lasts all day and brightens up my face! I use a bit for my day look, and it's my go-to for the night events.. I love this blush, the girl in Sephora was like, be careful using it because it's very pigmented, the diva in me was like ya ya is, so you do have to make sure you don't go overboard..unless that's the look you want...

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Jani M.
Stunning pigmentation!

Recently, I've been on a Nars kick. I've purchased so many products from this brand, however I never had the chance to buy one of their highly renowned blushes. I was a bit overwhelmed by the color selection. I'm not one to dive in with crazy colors (and trust me, Nars has a lot of them) so the MUA at Sephora suggested Lovejoy because it was perfect for my complexion. This gave me that perfect "Back from the Beach" glow that I have so desperately been seeking (ironic because I live in Miami Beach, lol) I was amazed by the color pay off, yet saddened by the price. Regardless, I bought it anyways and this has quickly become one of my most used products.

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Lauren C.

I always heard of this product from people on youtube. I finally bought it at a sephora and loved the color. I have the color "orgasm" and it is so beautiful!! I love this product, I really recommend it to anyone who wants a pretty blush color that is not too heavy. The only con is that it is expensive, but very worth it!

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Chessie G.
Expensive.... but SO worth it!!!

I have 12 in my kit and ALL of them are just brilliant.... colour pay off is always exceptional and a little goes along way. All of the blushes are easy to blend out and they always, always do what I want them to do. Yes, they are pricey but you will never have buyers remorse with this product!! LOVE them.........

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Jessica C.
Perfect For Autumn/Winter

My first ever NARS blush has certainly not disappointed. The colour payoff and wearability have both been fantastic for this blush! I love the colour sin! It is wonderful for the colder months with its plummy undertones. Definitely a brand to go for if you fancy a great value mid-end blush!

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Mabel Y.

Price - $30~ Repurchase - Yes Works - Yes Smell - None Everyone and I mean EVERYONE has this blush and I totally understand why. It's the perfect blush color! I bought this recently and fell in love with it. I don't usually wear blush but when I do wear it, it brings color and liveliness to my face.

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Sarah P.
My favorite blush overall!

Love these. I own almost every color. They have great saturation potential without forcing a high saturation if it's not desired. They have colors that are great for all skin tones. Some specific recommendations for different skin tones:

Fair - "Douceur" is a great shade to start with, then you can pop a little bit of a brighter one in the apple of the cheek, like "Amour", "Deep Throat", "Orgasm", etc.

Medium - "Dolce Vita" works great for many skin tones, but especially medium.

Strong yellow/orange undertone (Indian, middle-eastern) - "Taos" is beautiful on this skin tone. "Taj Mahal" can be as well, depending on the person

Medium-deep to Deep - for brighter shades: "Exhibit A", "Mata Hari", and "Taj Mahal". For more natural, "Lovejoy".

That doesn't include all of them, but those are some of my favorite pairings!

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Marlene  A.
The right orange for dark skin

I love exhibit A and if you know anything about the youtube black beauty community I am so grateful to Destiny Godley for putting me on. This blush is amazing. The texture, the color, the consistency are perfect for dark skin. Also, a little bit goes a long way when it comes to using this blush. Yes, Nars' blushes can be considered pricey but they are worth the money. This is also a great shade for the summer. I would definitely recommend this product, especially if you are my complexion.

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ShabanaMUA O.
Get it!

The most gorgoues blush i have ever used :) Warm coral with hints of gold, must have always use on my clients. TIP: Spray your brush with a tiny amount of FIX + and then apply. See what happens :)

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