M Perfect Cover BB Cream SPF 42 PA+++

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Jen H.
The only BB cream I've ever liked

American BB creams are NOT proper BB creams: they're dreadful, poorly made tinted moisturizer. I love Asian BB creams but could never find any pale enough for my skin (MAC NW10 is too dark for me). This cream, in shade 13, is perfect. It has fantastic coverage: rich and creamy, spreads quickly and easily with the fingers, covers blemishes/ redness/discoloration well, and lasts all day while giving me wonderful SPF protection. It's the perfect thing to just slap on for an off-day, to get out the door quickly and still look pretty. If I want to look extra polished I top it with MAC MSFN in Light and a tiny bit of blush.

The only negative to this product is its smell. It has an extremely heavy, perfumed fragrance that actually makes me nauseous. It's horrendous and it tends to linger for an hour or so after I apply. But I love the product so much that I've learned to overlook it. In short, this cream is HG status for me and I've had multiple compliments on my skin while wearing it.

EDIT TO ADD: I have dry-to-combination skin with occasional breakouts and a lot of post-acne hyperpigmentation.

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Jayden L.
Great fix for terrible skin!

I've found my holy grail. This stuff is amazing. I have acne scars, acne and oily skin. I used to use makeup forever's full cover concealer and mat velvet+ foundation. It worked okay, and I was relatively happy. Then i decided to give bb creams a shot. The coverage feels lighter while concealing my dark spots far more then my old routine. I do need a finishing powder on top, because the finish is much more Dewey, but it is still amazing. I'm addicted.

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Penny X.

I'm a pretty tan asian, so I was kind of skeptical about trying out another BB cream because my first one didn't turn out so well. So I decided to give BB creams another try and bought this one in the darkest shade #31. The coverage is anywhere from medium to full. Surprisingly, it has pretty good coverage almost like a regular foundation. I usually use one full pump and apply it with my stippling brush. I'm pretty impressed on how long it stays on. The first time I wore it out, I didn't wear a powder on top and lasted all day ( 8-9hours). The finish is really dewy and nice, but I tend to like a matte finishing better so I wear a powder on top.

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Les A.

I've always wanted to try a bb cream, and after watching youtube's xteeener's review on this, I decided to get this one. I bought this online in the shade No. 23. Though this shade is lighter than my skin tone when I first apply it, I notice that after about 5-10 minutes, it slightly gets darker, but ultimately stays a little lighter than my skin tone. The coverage is between a tinted moisturizer and foundation, but more toward the tinted moisturizer on that scale. While it evens out my skin tone, it does not cover up any post-acne scar marks that I have.

In terms of it being moisturizing, for me, I still use a separate moisturizer with SPF underneath this. I also do not think that this does anything for the ocassional pimples that I get.

Overall, while this has more coverage than a tinted moisturizer, I would not re-purchase this mainly due to the price, and the fact that it doesn't seem to do anything more than what a tinted moisturizer can do.

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Sophiaa K.
Love it

I love this product so much! I use it for those lazy or rushed days when I don't want to/don't have time to go through my full foundation routine this works great and has amazing coverage for a bb cream! I have an uneven skin tone and would NEVER go out without foundation on and bb creams never worked me until this! Has a thick texture but still feels light on your skin. Very long lasting!

Dolly X.

My friend introduced me to BB cream, but I did not get the concept of it from her. I looked up what BB cream did and I was amazed by what it can do. I order this in No.23. The color is perfect for me, but the coverage is okay. I would have to put on concealer for some spots. Other than that, I love this product. It has helped my skin reduce the oil. I do not wear powder with this and my oil does not produce as much.

Varisa G.
Recommend to try

I am NC30 and I got shade #23. It is a slight grey color when i first apply to my skin . But it will oxidize to match the skin eventually. It has medium-full coverage. It also has some kind of scent to it. For me, this doesn't bother me. With SPF 42, this is always a plus. I love using this BB cream especially when I don't have time to put on my sunscreen and concealer. I can just use this and out of the house. The only problem for me is this BB cream makes me oily pretty fast. I think it's because of the thickness it has. So i need to blot my face quite often when I use it. Overall, it is a really good product. I would recommend it.

Soma S.
Buy now, and you can get a free full-sized #23 to go with it!

Upon reading numerous reviews, I figured I was around a #23 or 27... [I'm an NC30] - and to be quite honest, bb creams scared me for a very long time. I'm much too familiar with the grey cast or colors made for very PALE girls... and I'm a med. yellow that is considered unattractive to many Asian beauty standards... so it was always daunting to find a brand that made a color specifically for my needs...

Enter Missha - the first to actually have shades for darker skin tones. I read many girls around my coloring say they had the #23 and it would take 30 min. before it melted to match their coloring... I can't wait that long!!! Then I heard girls were mixing #23 w/ #31, but I really didn't need an extra step of mixing in the morning when BB creams were supposed to be a time saving product like tinted moisturizers... [Ridiculous!] So when I heard #27 was coming out, I was ELATED!

I received it in a good week - I was concerned I ordered at a bad time with all the flooding going on in Seoul, but they had distributors here in the US. Not only did I receive a #23 full-sized for free, I received a brightening duo of lotion samples and a deluxe sampler kit of all their different lines of BB creams. for spending over $40 on their site. [I love shopping Asian brands, they hook you up~!]

Anyways, onto the product:

This BB cream is MUCH nicer than others I've tried - there's no grey cast in it at ALL! I don't even need concealer, since this is a medium-full coverage product and it's buildable. The #27 would be PERFECT for me during the winter, but since it is summer, I mix it with my MUFE HD 123 so I have SPF coverage during the day... [MUFE does not have SPF protection... boo.] Def. be careful with this if you're planning on taking photos though - it strobes back light like crazy w/ such a high SPF content... but I still appreciate the protection it provides.

My only complaints?

- Slight tacky finish... needs to be set with powder product for sure. - retains dewey/semi-matte finish for a good 4 hours for me before I get shiny and need a touch of powder or blotting. - It's a PAIN to take off. Great staying power, but I hate having to wash off my Clarisonic's brush head because I can't stand seeing stained brushes. Guess it's a definite plus for you ladies looking for something long wearing. I can see this being semi-waterproof for sure.

My face hasn't reacted to it, and I do see a small improvement in my skin's texture after almost 3 weeks of use.

Just make sure you exfoliate and moisturize well when using this - because it will cling to dry patches or flakey skin.

Melanie V.
Color match fantastic, breakouts...not so fantastic

13. The color that matches me perfectly. Only in Missha BB creams...

I loved the coverage, I loved the finish, I loved it, loved it, loved it... until I broke out in tiny little bumps all over my face. I don't know if it's mineral oil or the fragrance, but one of them (or maybe a combination of them) broke me out immensely.