Shadow Eyez 12 HR Pencil


Macie A.
Amazing pigment!!!

I use winter white every day to highlight my tear duct and champagne toast for everyday looks as an eye base. If you top these off with a similar colour they simply don't budge. I love the pigment intensity they give me. The white is sparkly, wonderful for highlighting the tear duct for that teary effect, while the champagne is more of a metallic finish. I still love these guys and intend on staying with them for a while.

Holly K.
one of my favorite eyeshadows

I bought champagne toast because I thought it would be a very natural looking color for when I wanted to do a natural look. It isn't. It's a more pink color than the name would lead you to believe. I still love it though. It wears for forever. I wore this to school several times and I would put it on around 6:30 and it would still be perfect at 3:12(when our school lets out). I also fell asleep with this on once so I wore it from 6:30 am to 9 am the next day and when i woke up it was still perfect. I had no creasing. I love it. The only thing that stinks is that the cap fell off of mine in my makeup bag and it has dried out. So make sure you get the cap secure!! So I'm going to have to repurchase it soon.

Emily B.
Love it!!

I wanted a champagne color eye-shadow and I found this product and its such a beautiful color! Also stays on all day, no creasing,or wearing off! I am getting more!