INFINITE Liquid Liner


Daniella R.
im in LOVE!

soo some ppl dont like the consistency of this product..but it doesnt bother me. i think its not so much the consistency that they dont like.. its the brush applicator that comes with it.. i use a sigma "small eyeliner E10" brush or a e.l.f. angled eyeliner brush. i put some product on a steel palette and dip from there. the brushes i use are finer soo you get soo much more control then the brush it comes with. it does take a whilt to dry but once its dry i swear this stuff does not budge all day it is freakin water proof... i love using this on brides..... you have to really work to get it off!

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Britney W.
great for under the eye as well!

i love putting eternal under my eye for a pop of color, especially in the spring. the formula is thick and creamy and lasts forever, but it is extremely hard to take off! i wish it came in more colors, would definitely buy again :)

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Libby B.

I LOVE THIS STUFF! Best bright liquid drug store eyeliner I have ever found, I usually don't use it with anything, nude lips and eyeshadow and let this stuff steal the show. I love how super water proof it is, stays on forever....sometimes even the next day ha!

Monica V.

I Absolutely Love This Eyeliner!! I've Tried All Types All brands and This One Beats All Others None Of Them Come Even Close To This Eyeliner. I would definitively Recommend It!! I Have Not Tried And Other Eyeliner In Almost A Year And That Says A LOT About The Eyeliner, Before It I Would Change Eyeliners Every 2 Months!! You Will Definitively Love It As Much As I Love It,, Especially Because It's Actually Water Proof!!! Not Like A Lot Of Others That say They Are But Truly Aren't..

Sara B.

This one of the only brands of eyeliner I will trust! I have all the colors and the resulta are simply stunning. The colors are too bright which is good, but they still accent the eyes and make them pop. I love it, and I hope you love it too!

Misty B.
Will never use any other.

This is the only eyeliner I will probably ever use again in my life. It stays on all day, it's waterproof, it doesn't smug or crack or anything. It is the most perfect eyeliner you will ever use. I have tried many different products such as covergirl & MAC just to name a few and nothing I mean nothing has ever came close to this one. You will love it too.

Tanayia S.
My holy grail liquid liner!

I cannot say enough about this eyeliner. I have tried various drugstore liners and I always go back to this. It is super pigmented, long lasting and waterproof. I am a pro at a cat eye and I have no problems manipulating the product to my desired thickness. It covers over any eyeshadow, and will not flake, smudge or run.

Rachelle R.
we have a WINNER!

If you follow my reviews you know that I am obsessed with finding the PERFECT eyeliner. My dear friends, we have a WINNER! This is not for the "newbie" or someone who has issues with eyeliner application. I recommend this to someone who is well versed in how to manipulate product, apply liquid liner, and has no problem looking past the brush that is given but finds the one that works for them. I have mildly oily hooded eyelids and I have been battling the dreaded eyeliner transfer for a few months now. This liner is awesome. The pigment is great, the consistency is nice and it is totally waterproof and smudge proof. People critique the formula to be "goopy," which is why I say this is for a more advanced eyeliner wearer. The "tar like" consistency = using a little at a time. If you have hooded lids, make sure you set it. It does take a good eye make up remover to get this stuff off, but it does not crack or flake and has a matte finish. Try it. I've read reviews where it is compared to MAC or Bobbi Brown liquid liners. I haven't tried those but figured it was a compliment.

Brieanna S.

Milani is one of those VERY good drugstore cosmetics. I have the black and blue liners and my gosh do they stick! I have wore this liner partying and literally slept and showered in it(Gross sounding i know, but that's what you get for partying hard) and i came out with it one perfectly still. the one downfall to this product is that it does go on like tar. you have one chance to get it perfect or your screwed lol. but it is DEFINETLY worth it!!!

vanessa l.
Love this STUFF!

I cant stop speaking about how much i love this stuff. Yes its true its goopy nd the brush isnt that good. But common havent you always wanted a drugstore product that even when you stay under water at the pool or beach it wont kum off or even smudge a bit. just like someone else suggested use a different brush. i reccomend this product to everyone, HANDS DOWN!