BROW FIX Eye Brow Powder Kit


Vanessa W.

Out of emilynoel83's recommendation, I bought this in "Light" even though I have very dark brown/black eyebrow hairs. The shades in the Light kit are cool-toned, not as "red" as you get from the Medium. I'm sure it's not a huge deal anyways, but just thought I'd mention, even dark brows can suit the Light! Love the highlighter too. Looks great and lasts long!

Jen W.
My favorite brow kit

Oh, it was a great day when I found this kit in the drugstore. Perfect for travel, so I keep one in my travel bag and one at home. I can pretty much do any brown I want--just light filling and shaping to very defined brows. And you can't beat the price.

Carolyn H.
Da Bomb

I like using 2 different brow colors so I definitely make use of both of these.

I think for the price you're getting everything you'd need for your brows, I can't say how many times this little guy has gotten me out of a pinch and made me look human :)

Sian H.

I love this brow kit, I got it a couple of months ago and I love it. It has a lovely mirror, tweezers, a highlight color, a counter color (i use the second color as), and an eyebrow color, a eye shadow/highlight brush and an eyebrow angled brush :) I love this product so much, it lasts most of the day and has taken its place in my everyday makeup bag LOVE IT !!

Sojourner W.
Best Drugstore Brow Kit!

I absolutely love this kit. I was using a dark brown eyeshadow and it was alright, but I still needed something else to better fill in my brows. Therefore I decided to buy this because I've always wanted to try it out, especially when I saw it on sale at Walgreens for $2! I have the shade dark and it's perfect. I mix the two brow colors when I want a really defined brow, but one or the other when I do not. The colors are highly pigmented and last all day. they really do even out my brows.


- Price (when on sale) - Pigmentation - Ability to fill-in brows - Availability


- Price (when not on sale it's $7)

Nichola O.
Who knew brows could be so easy.

This is a great product. You have everything you need in this kit even the tiniest tweezers for those errant hairs. It gives a natural finish but it can be amped up if that is what you like. For a powder it stays put (on me) all day. Super affordable.

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Amanda C.

I have been using this for the passed year and a half. I love it! This gives you such a natural look. You can make it dramatic as you'd like or as natural. PERFECT kit.

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Stephanie A.

I have been using this every single day! it makes my eyebrows look nice and defined but also natural. and the darkest shade matches perfectly.the middle shade is kind of on the red side. i use the highlight shade all over my lid sometimes . its pretty (: i cant live without this now.

Anna A.
Perfect for my dark eyebrows!

I was very hesitant to use a brow powder , let alone a kit, that had a few shades lighter than my actual eyebrow color! Since I tweezed, my eyebrows have become sparse in some areas, and others have random bald spots that is too noticable. Lucky I have this Beautylish account to see these reviews! I have black eyebrows, and I used to use a charcoal grey, or a soft grey eyeliner pencil to hide those sparse spots, but they just made my eyebrows seem hairier and messy. I never used brow powder before and the kit came with instructions that were simple as 1,2,3! I'm glad that I got this kit, and don't be afraid of the intimidating lighter shades to fill in your brows! They actually made my brows seem a little lighter, a bit more groomed as it should be, and the little mini tools that came with it was a plus for on the go! I LOVE THIS PRODUCT!!!:)

Selina R.
One of the best kits I've come across! Great price point.

I purchased this at my local CVS for about $6-7 retail in medium 02. I have very dark, black eyebrows and even though the two brow shades appear to be light, they work very well for a natural brow look that does not look stark or insanely dark. The shadows (there are two, one dark, one very light, both work for my brows) were very smooth, easy to work with and a dream to blend. The highlight shade is perfect. It has a tad bit of slight frosty sheen but it's not too much nor does it look over done. It really brightens the brow bone and inner tear ducts.

I really like the to-go packaging. Yes, it's plastic and not the most sturdy or tiny, but it does it's job. It has a lift out section with a sponge applicator for highlight, a mini brow brush and a tiny pair of tweezers. I do not believe these are meant to replace full size tools but are great in emergencies. It also has a small mirror under the tools. The applicator is your average run of the mill sponge, it gets the job done. The mini brow tool works very well. It has a nice angled point to get between sparse hairs but thick enough to grab the brow powder for precise placement. The angled tweezers are a bit stiff but they do work at grabbing tiny hairs. I think over time, it may be less stiff. But it's nice to have a tiny pair for emergencies. The only thing missing is a wax or something similar to keep the hairs in place once the powder has been applied. I hope they will expand the kit or make room for a wax to set the brow hairs. But to be fair, I did not have an issue with this sliding around or fading in the hot florida sun. I do carry NYX's brow push up with a wax on one end to set the hairs in my makeup travel bag. Overall, this is an excellent kit for your dollar and comes in very natural shades.