XXL Pro Extensions Washable Mascara


Anna V.
Works Wonders!

Loooooooooooove this mascara! Even without wearing the primer its amazing. So far my favorite. I wouldnt change it for another. It leaves my lashes looking longer & fuller. Love it!

Nichole W.

This is my favorite drug-store mascara, ever. I have been using it as my go-to mascara for almost 4 years now, and I still love it. I have tried others, but this is the one I always come back to. For the price, you can NOT go wrong. It can be hard to get off, but honestly, thats more of a pro for me.

Avis G.
power to length !!

i discovered this mascara 2 years ago and it does wonders for my tiny eyelashes. It really does lengthen your eyelashes and that is all i ever asked for. i love false lashes but if i don't have time time for them i use this.

Marjorie L.

AMAZING! This mascara makes your lashes SOOO long!! It works super great the only down side is that like the other of the collection you have to take the brush and remove some mascara on it and trust me, sometimes there is SOO much to remove

Louise P.

This mascara has denfinately lived up to its name! It makes your lashes look very long and very dark, but for me its a bit too much. It does clump if you put the tinyest bit too much on and because im still in school i dont always feel its appropriate for school. Over all it is a pretty good mascara. :)

Kathryn V.

This mascara is good but not great. I use the primer sometimes but I find that the primer goes on too thick and clumps and I spend more time fixing it than I do applying the rest.