Volume XL Seduction Lip Plumper


shandy e.
Nice Color - No Plumping

I purchased this product primarily because of the claim that it would instantly plump lips. Sadly, my lips did not appear any fuller after applying this product. I must say that although it failed as a plumper, it wasn't a total loss. I really like the applicator and the color was lovely - sheer, shiny and it felt very nice on my lips.

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Jani M.
Great for plumping up lips!

I didn't buy this for the plumping, but rather for the color in the tube. It comes out sheer, but it's beautiful. I have this in a dark wine color, and a beautiful pink. I usually wear them on their own. I use the pink color during the day, and the wine color during the night and it's seriously gorgeous. Totally recommend this product!

Gabriela C.
love it

i love this lip plump, i have big lips already but this just makes my lips look so sexy and i have this same color i love it!! it blends so well and its not sticky i love the glitter as well its not to shiny its perfect, i recommend it and i would def would buy again.

Darian J.
Love this!

I bought this a couple of years ago and at first I hated it because it stung my lips but after a while I fell in love. I ended up buying it in like 3 different shades and it became my favorite lip gloss. I used it every single day. I no longer have one but thats just because I used mine up and never bothered to get another because I have so many lip glosses. I would totally recommend this unless you do not like the stinging sensation that some plumping glosses can give you. I, personally, enjoy the stinging sensation and think it feeels cool.

Kristina C.
not impressed

I found this did not plump my lips, but the shades and feel were great. The apllicator is wonderfull. An added tip though...if you wear anode nude or barely there shade to your lips at night, you may wake to exfoliated and fuller lips like I did!