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Volum' Express the Falsies Waterproof Mascara


Jasmin C.

Favorite mascara hands down! Never fails on me and gives me both the length and volume that i want. I always use waterproof mascara so of coarse no runny mascara for me! (:

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Jessica W.
Love it

Stays on and doesn't flake. Makes my lashes look super long and full. Waterproof but it's easy to take off with some makeup remover. Less than $10 at a drug store.

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Stephanie C.
Mascara on a Budget!

Great mascara if your on a budget. The wand is curved which helps with volume and length. Make sure when applying this mascara you repeat application several times to build the look you desire for a better result.

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Ashley U.

I just rediscovered how much I love this mascara! The only flaw it has for me is that it can be a little clumpy, so it does take a bit more time for me to work with it. Other than that it is definitely one of my favorite drugstore mascaras.

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Savannah S.
Savannah S.'s Review Image

I am very picky when it comes to makeup for my eyes, but I have to say, that Falsies Waterproof set the standard for long, thick looking eyelash mascara's. The best drug store (and even better than some high end)mascara. For me, it doesnt flake, its not harsh to remove (as it doesnt take some eyelashes with removal), but it does clump on the brush which could make it difficult for applying (not so even application), but it generally does everything it says it does.

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Jenny T.

it was okay, but i still think great lash is still number one when it comes to mascara you can pick up for 5 bucks at the drugstore. when the volum express ran out i went back to old faithful.

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Ashley B.
Is it worth all of the work?

PROS: This mascara really does add tons of volume and length to your lashes. The cost is very inexpensive, and you can buy it at pretty much any drug store. I naturally have thick, long lashes, but I bought this just to see how far I could take it. It has a very dark black color, which I love, and is really easy to apply, due to the spoon shaped brush.

CONS: It clumps! I was so sad when I first put it on and it clumped. I had to literally unclump my eyelashes with a thumb tack, pulling my lashes apart. So it is kind of a lot of work to do on your eyelashes. It flakes! I have to usually re-apply this mascara at least once per day when I wear it because it is very flakey. Also, the formula dries out pretty quickly.

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Rachel G.

This is a decent mascara for those who were blessed with naturally long lashes and don't need a lot of enhancing. I was unimpressed though. The product doesn't go on as smoothly as I'd like.

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Rachel T.
Can't get it off my eyes!

I already want a different mascara. I can't even take this off my eyelashes with out having to scrub it off! I've had to wash my face like 3 times in order to take most of it off. I definitely won't be buying this again.

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Kendra C.
I hate this mascara

This mascara is the worst. It makes my eyelashes stick all together and forget about taking it off! It takes me two days just to get it all of my eyelashes. Never again!!

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