Super Stay 10 Hour Stain Gloss


Victoria D.
Love it!

I love the idea of this! It goes on like a gloss, which is easy, but had the staying power of a stain! It doesn't stay glossy all day, it eventually dries down like a typical lip stain, but you can always apply gloss over top if you like the glossy look. The applicator can be a little tricky, it's sort of big, and I have small lips, you have to be careful not to get it outside your lip line, because it will stain, obviously. You can't just slather it on like gloss, it take a bit more concentration than that. Slightly drying to my lips, but it's not like, Sahara desert dry where I put this on and they immediately shrivel up! I'd definitely buy more shades of this!

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Megan K.
Lovely color

When I got this I was scared that I got a red by accident by when I put a little dab on my lips it is a nice flush of pink. It doesn't stay for ten hours but it does stay for at least five

Shona E.

THIS PRODUCT IS GREAT! I love this product! The colour payoff is brilliant and stays on for hours! Although I would add that it only stays on for me personally about 5-6 hours. It isn't as sticky as a lip gloss and is very light and comfortable to wear. I would suggest re-applying this product as and where you feel its starting to fade to keep up that great colour intensity. Overall I think this product is great and worth trying out and buying! x

Emilie N.

Okay, So this lip product is... Okay. It dosnt stay on your lips for 10 hours, but it does stay for about 6 hours. Its really sticky but dried kinda dry.. So i had to put on a lip gloss or a chap stick ontop of it. Other than that, The lips are good!

Heather H.
Pretty good

This product is pretty good, I like it mostly. A few down falls is it does not stay the full 10 hours only about 4 or 5 for me. Also it tends to dry out my lips so I have to apply a chap stick afterwards. Though the pigmentation is good and it smells nice, I would buy more shades cause it goes on smooth and is not overly sticky. Good luck xoxo

Michelle S.

The lack of any even remotely subtle color choices was very off putting.. I was hoping for a nice nude or soft pink/peach but they all seemed too dark for me.

Lacey B.

I really did not like these. I don't wanna say hate, but... no good. First off, they feel like rubbing water on your lips. Very thin, and they made my lips feel weird. I got four colors and they all looked pretty much the same to me, especially after wearing them for a couple hours. Overall, very underwhelming. The only sort of good thing was the smell. It smells like fruit punch.