Quad Eye Shadow


Maressa H.

The colors are beautiful and matched together very well. When used with a primer, these shadows last forever and I never have a problem with them! Also, on the back there's a little picture showing where to apply the colors on your lids to create a smokey eye which is helpful

Felicia S.
User Friendly, Gorgeous Colors

My favorite eyeshadow quads of all time are made by Maybelline Expert Wear. They have so many color combinations to choose from! One of my favorite quads is Chai Latte but I also love Amethyst Smokes and Emerald Smokes! I want to own every single quad because they are so easy and quick to use. They have a diagram on the back of the packaging for eyeshadow beginners. They really do have outstanding quality and seem to have prettier colors than the other brands. I am open to ALL drugstore brands because I believe that each brand has its ups and downs... Maybelline seems to be very strong in the eyeshadow department!

Maggie D.

I like the colours it comes in and how there's a step by step process to create a look, but the colours are really weak in terms of staying power and getting that 'expensive' look. This might be for someone who doesn't like wearing heaving make up, but this wasn't for me. It's a smart cheap product but there are many better options to choose from other than this.

Pamela D.

This was actually the first eyeshadow palette I ever owned. I repurchased the same color because I love the pigmentation, color, and the fact that it has a mixture of matte and shimmery shades. As others have said, this is a great palette to start off with. If I wore eyeshadow every day this would be something I would probably use every day, hands down. You go Maybelline, you go.

Chrisi P.
Great for beginners!

This, like many of the ladies here, was my very first eyeshadow quad! It was the product that got me into loving smokey brown eyes haha. I like how there's indicators as to where each eyeshadow will normally go, and there's further instructions on the back of the package. This is definitely for people who are new to makeup and want to start off with something subtle.

Brittany P.

i love love love love this quad. i have the exact one pictured. It is great for natural looks and you can pack it on for a more dramatic!....the only fall back is after about 8 hours they fade ...even with primer however a great price

Jessica L.
Love <3

I am in love with this quad! I use it everyday and sometimes use the shadows by themselves, they're great both ways. They all suit each other amazingly. I also have Enchanted forest, i love it as well. But i have another but i have another, i think its seascape and i don't like it too much but other than that, they are amazing :)

Ashleigh R.
Chai Latte!

I own Chai Latte and I love all the shades in this quad! It has 2 matte shades: a light-medium brown, and a dark brown. And then there's the 2 shimmering shades: A champagne color for highlight and the gorgeous bronze/copper color. They are all pigmented VERY well and I think this palette compliments every skin tone. This is definitely a must have. It can be worn many ways from a simple daytime look, to nighttime. This quad has lasted me a long time as well!!

KrizzTina M.
Beautiful Beginnings

This is one of my very first makeup palettes ever. I loved this palette because i could wear it every day and switch it up so many different ways. It lasts a very long time, the color is fairly opec, and they last all day. I dont think anyone likes applicators, but i used mine until i got an Avon mini brush set. Love this, and i may have to go get it again.

Nancy V.
designer chocolates

If you are into neutrals with a pop of color, Designer Chocolate is a must have! You have all your neutrals then this great pop of dark plum color. this is my ultimate go to palette for an everyday look. The plum color is just so beautiful, I used it in my crease or all over my eye lid for a nice color on those lazy days or when I am in a rush.