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Moisture Extreme Lipcolor

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Amy M.
Hydra extreme Matte 802 Forever Red
Amy M.'s Review Image

This is a great red color which i never could find in other brands at a modest price. i love it since it is, matte, it has fps 15 and mosturize a bit my lips. it last longer on my lips and in the end of the day the color vanishes a little bit but the pigment has great power. i mean the only thing that removes it considerably but not totally is food when i eat. I'm in love whit it and i will definitively buy it again and again.

Zipporah K.
Love at first swipe on the lips!!

I have been getting these for years. I have about 7 to 8 shades and I can honestly say that i like them all i dont have anything negative to say about them. They have a smooth application have a pretty good staying power have a range of shades. The only sad thing about them and dont quote me but i think they are getting or are discontinued because the only place that i have been able to find them is in big lots and big lots is notorious for selling discontinued products. But thats ok ive got back ups of some of the shades that i really like. My favorite ones are peach mocha, nude blush, born with it, sunlit bronze and peach colada. I find that these are pretty moisturizing for a lipstick and dont have to reapply every couple minutes like some lipsticks. I would say that they are definetely worth trying. Ive been able to find some also on a website called!!

Nora V.

This is my standby lipstick. It was on clearance at Target, so I figured "why not" and I'm so glad that I did. It's soft, and creamy, and doesn't feel sticky or dry. Royal Red looks amazing on my skin and it makes my lips look fuller. You do need to re-apply quite a bit, but it's so worth it.

Jillian S.

These lipsticks are so amazingly smooth. They don't even feel like a lipstick. More like a very smooth lip gloss. They are so shiny and and soft. They smell great. They don't settle into fine lip lines. The colors are great. The only bad thing is I can only find this lipsticks randomly at dollar stores and other discount stores. I wish they still sold them in all drugstores! Then I would have a ton more!

Sherry B.

One of my favorite lipsticks is there..Royal Red (i believe thats the name)...goes on without issue, is moisturizing, but does not really leave that much of a lipstain like Revlon lipsticks, but i dont mind reapplying altogether...still great for the price and cute packaging!

Eli L.
My all time favourite lipstick! :)

This is definitely my all time favourite lipstick. I've re-purchased this so many times, (over 3 years now) and it's definitely my most reached for lipstick.

My absolute favourite is born with it, because like the name says, its a very natural pink l/s, almost like you were born with that oh so glowy pink lips :P

PRICE/WHERE TO BUY: I bought mines at shoppers drug mart for about 7$CAD, but you can definitely purchase this is most drugstore and even walmart

COLOR PAYOFF, LASTING POWER: Very Pigmented, and has a nice sheen to it! I say it last about 3-4 hours, but less if you eat. But I mean, re apply lipstick is quite easy :)

I also want to mention that this lipstick has a nice scent to it, not to over-powering, but a nice clean scent.

Overall, I would highly suggest this for an everyday lipstick! :)

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Christina L.

One of my favorite burgandy lipsticks ever! I'm not big on Maybelline in general, but this lipstick is very creamy and easy to apply. Very affordable too. My one problem with it is that is bleeds easily, even with a lip liner. It doesn't last as long as I would like, but for the price, it is worth it.

Jacqueline R.
Colorful and creamy!

I recently got this lipstick in Royal Red and honestly, I LOVE the richness of the color and the wear. I wore this lipstick for hours, during which time I ate and drank and it stayed on.

The only thing is that I didn't really like the initial shape of the stick - that and how creamy it goes on makes it a little hard to apply, but once it dries, it doesn't feather or wipe off easily.

Also, this particular color is more of a warm red, so if you want a cooler red, I'd go with Roseberry.

Angel F.
smooth and pigmented

I have extremely dry lips and this formulation is good since it goes on creamy and smoothes out the cracks. I love the different shades they have on this variant although I wish they would come up with more "fun" colors. Staying power is nothing great, you would need to reapply every few hours.

Maya C.

I don't know if it was just the colors that I have, or if all of them are like this, but these are EXTREMELY frosty. I'm not a huge fan of frosty lipsticks, so these are just not for me. The colors would be nice if they weren't so frost-licious. Besides that, they smell very synthetic and sweet. The smell of them makes me feel a bit nauseous when I open them, but it goes away quickly on the lips. I don't feel that they are very moisturizing, but I think that's because the ones I have a so frosty. I still have to wear a lip balm with these.