Mineral Powder Natural Perfecting Concaler


Rebecca M.
I love this!

I love this concealer so much. Honestly it's one of the best. It is not cakes at all but it covers my dark circles well. It lasts all day too

Raven N.

This is one of those things that was lost in my DRAWER of different concealers. Recently I have been going through to use up old products rather than buy new ones, and also to finally get RID of things that I will never use again. I saw this one and have 2 colors - light and sand. I tried again before tossing it, and sooooo glad I did. This stuff is great. It has great coverage, doesn't clump at all. It is smooth and sheer enough to use under eyes, but has good enough coverage you can use it on blemishes. When I'm in a super hurry I use this to cover blemishes and under my eyes and throw on some blush and mascara. I don't even need powder on my face and this still lasts all day! ALSO - this is the BEST concealer I have used to cover up lips for a nude/lighter lipstick shade; I have really dark lips. Just melds with the lips, has awesome coverage, and doesn't dry. Def recommend!

Douatchi V.
Must have...

I originally started using the dream mousse concealer, but the walgreens i went to ran out one day so i purchased this one. I fell in love with this concealer the very first day I used it. I use this concealer under my eyes to brighten my under eyes it works great!! Its not drying, or too heavy and blotchy. It blends beautifully and gives me the coverage I need. I will be purchasing this again. Staple. =)

Karen H.

Love this concealer! It gives great coverage and it stays on pretty long (despite my oily skin). It does a good job covering up hyperpigmentation. You can apply the product with your fingers or with a concealer brush. It's also very affordable!

Hannah F.
Might As Well Be By MAC!

This is an exact dupe for MAC Select Moisture Cover Concealer! This concealer is amazing for dry skin, since it's a liquid concealer so it'll moisturize and cover up your imperfections/blemishes in one go! It is amazing for both dark under eye circles, and also pimples and blemishes.

Julia R.

This is a good concealer for the price (~$7 USD). I use it to cover my underye circles, and it does a great job. This lasts 8 full hours and keeps my eyes looking brighter. This has a mild scent but isn't noticeable on. It comes with a wand for application, goes on creamy, and blends out painlessly. It stays put for hours and looks great. I'm happy it's mineral-based as well-it never feels heavy on. The coverage is a little sheer, though. Mine is still creamy after a year and hasn't dried out at all.

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Sammi W. Team
great for the price

I bought this in two shades to blend so I can match my perfect shade (especially in the summer, when my colour changes after a session to the beach). I love how it's so affordable, and the coverage was good for small blemishes and dark circles, but as evidenced by my other photo -- not enough! I've since switched concealers... but stash this in my gym bag for a quick and affordable touchup.

Naly C.
Pretty good(:

I've had this for awhile, and I'm pretty fond with it; its mineral so two thumbs up for me! Although it is mineral (which is great, doesn't break me out), its coverage isn't that good, but mind you, I have a few acne scars and a few pimples here and there. But I don't know, it might just be that I got the wrong shade for me (mine was too light). All in all, I think I might buy this again, all though as of right now I'm leaning towards getting the Hard Candy Glamoflauge Concealer.

Jessica C.
Wish I could

Other than my Mac studio sculpt concealer, I haven't found one that can cover up my extremely bad dark circles.. but this maybelline mineral concealer really does the job! I LOVE the coverage on this.. it is one of the best concealers i've tried so far. The only down side is my skin isn't a big fan of this. I can use this once in awhile but never a couple consecutive days. Using it once or twice a day a week is fine but when I start using it on a daily basis, my skin will start breaking out into tiny bumps. which is why I docked out 1.5 stars.

I would definitely recommend this to people and try it out. It really is a great product.

Huda A.
it's decent

I love this concealer, even though i can find better ones. the coverage is medium-light. it feels very light & smooth under my eyes. it also stays on for a very long time. it DOES NOT settle into fine lines