Master Shape Brow Pencil


Katrina L.
Keep A Sharpener At Hand

Works really well, but I have to sharpen it before one eyebrow, then again before the other one. It would be a lot better if it was retractable, but a really good pencil.

Brianna C.

as a makeup newbie, I was definitely satisfied with this product. It held down my crazy eyebrows and filled them in very nicely. definitely worth a try, especially with how inexpensive it is.

Jani M.
Perfect tool for those on the go.

I have extremely unruly brows. By the end of the day, if I'm not using some sort of brow wax or gel, they go every which way possible. I've joking called them the "Miley Cyrus brows" because they just cannot be tamed. Very few products help to control them and this just so happens to be one of them. I really like how it's more of a wax then a pencil. No matter what pencil I use, they never truly do what they're supposed to, which is to fill in my brows. This product not only fills in the sparsities, but helps keep the hairs in place. I also love the spoolie at the other end because I can blend everything out. Now, if you're wondering why I gave it four stars as opposed to five, it's because the wax sort of plucks the hairs out, which I don't like. I've noticed after one use, I'll always find at least 2 hair strands in the product. Other than that, I am very satisfied with this product.

Brittny H.

I liked this product until I realized there was no way to twist up the pencil. I had to Google it because I really was expecting it to be defective or something. The formula is waxy so it kept my brows in place without a clear gel but once you use up the initial among of product it just becomes a mess. You have to manually sharpen through plastic which is a nightmare and it is impossible to get the tip pointed again. I will never repurchase this.

Allison A.
Hated it.

This was honestly a waste of my money. I hated it. It's too waxy and it didn't even give ANY color to my eyebrows. The way to sharpen it is awkward and terrible. It's made of plastic, but you have to sharpen it like a pencil which makes no sense. So disappointing.

Michelle E.
I loved this product until...

I realized there was no way to advance the pencil... It's made out of plastic and you have to sharpen it with a regular pencil sharpener. WTF?!?! Yeah I wont be purchasing this anymore. But if you're willing to do that then its a pretty good product.