Instant Age Rewind Eraser Treatment Makeup


Jenna N.

Let's just say if I looked up the word "Sh*tty" in the dictionary, you would see a picture of the Age rewind concealer holding hands with satan, and skipping on a rainbow. It doesn't do squat.

Noli M.

I saw that some people said things like how this was "a terrible and oily foundation!" and it "doesn't conceal blemishes!" We'll, I hate to break it to ya, but there's a reason for that. Maybelline's Instant Age Rewind is not a foundation, nor is it meant for covering zits. It's actually an amazing under-eye concealer, meant for using on the wrinkly spots right around your eyes. And if you are younger and not that wrinkly yet, (around 12-25ish,) it covers dark spots like they were never there. Everyone needs to try this.

Ana Maria M.

I like this for minimum/natural makeup days. It's just light but buildable to a medium coverage to me. I also like how it feels, it's velvety, thin in consistency and doesn't feel like makeup. I especially love the colour I got. I'm an NC42 and 220 Sandy Beige matches me to a T - I barely have to blend it in :) Powder is a must though, even for my normal-dry skin. If you have oily skin, I'd probably stay away completely.

MacKenzie B.
Just completely awful.

This was definitely the worst face makeup I have ever purchased. It was extremely greasy and had absolutely zero coverage for me. After just an hour or two it was creased and caked looking. I tried it with several of my favorite matte powders to try and compensate for the greasiness and extreme shine but nothing worked. I didn't even bother to wear it out in public again, I threw it out. I would NOT recommend this for anybody; horrible product.

Tashina M.

This is like spreading grease all over your face with very very little coverage. The extremely light coverage didn't really bother me a lot because it is enough to give a little evenness when you want a little more than TM. It would be perfect for that. But it goes on like you're spreading warm butter on your face. I set it with matte powder and that helped. I put this on at 8:30 this morning and by 10:30 it looked so bad. It was splotchy and caked looking on my forehead between my brows and around my nose and on my chin. It oxidized and got orangey. It is not easy to blend because every time you try to blend a streak, you make new ones because it is slick.

Pro: The only pro I found was the packaging. I really like the poof and it works well with my concealer so I think on a better formula of foundation it would be really great. I love that it twists the product up and out so you can use every drop of product.

Theresa S.

This is by far the worst foundation I have ever tried. The coverage is close to nothing and my skin seems oily after I use it. It takes a lot of powder to cover the shine. The feeling it leaves on my skin is aweful. As if I have been wearing heavy foundation in the sun all day.

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Gracielle J.
Smooth Skin in Seconds

I'm only 27 with no lines or wrinkles but I LOVE this foundation. It's so easy to apply & makes my face look smoother. I just apply the foundation all over my face then blend & buff it out with a Sephora Airbrush Foundation Brush. It has light coverage so it doesn't cover major discoloration, but it also doesn't feel like your wearing any foundation. I would give this a five except for the coverage but I love how good it makes my skin looks.

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Santana V.
Love at any age!

I am 25 so i dont have wrinkles, but i love this foundation, i got my perfect shade which is "nude" this blends great with my Sigma F80 bruch, last for 8 or more hours and washes off well. doesnt make my skin feel or look evn more oily & dirty. I love the sponge tip , its anti- microbal, so it prevents germs. good coverage, i dont need much anyway. !

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