Fit Me Blush

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Rebecca M.

I really like this blush. It's pigmentation is decent for such a low price. I would recommend buying this blush in Walmart because it's cheaper than most places. However is this the best blush I've ever tried or the best drugstore one? No. But It's still nice especially for the fall. I use it as a blush contour.

Natalie H.
Fehlkauf leider

Habe mich leider total vergriffen in der Farbe. Man sieht auf der Haut einfach gar nichts. Schlecht pigmentiert👎 man sieht vielleicht etwas Glitzer auf der Haut aber mehr auch nicht und für den Preis doch auch recht teuer. Der Applikatior ist auch nicht zu gebrauchen. Die farbauswahl finde ich auch nicht so schön.

Kenna  S.
Maybelline can do better...

I wasn't very fond of this. First of all, the plastic packaging breaks way too easy! Also, the brush is rough and cheap. I'm a huge Maybelline fan, but hated this product. Xoxo~ Kenna 💕💎

Delilah H.
Not much color. But still great

I use this over a creme blush. I accidentally got the wrong color though 😒. If you use the right brush and layer it it can give decent color. Would recommend for light skinned people though.

Rachelle-Denise  M.
A Classic "Back Up" Blush

I will admit that I didn't pick out this color. This came along in a gift that someone gave to me and who am I to turn down make-up? Maybe it's because this is not the color I would pick myself--but this blush didn't provide a "WOW" factor. Still good to keep around though, just in case.

Lexy P.
Would give negative rating if possible

Here's a perfect way to waste money and time. I saw the colors and instantly liked them, but when it came to putting them on it was a completely different story.

Pros: None at all

Cons: Everything! Takes to much product to get some form of color on Looks very chalky Doesn't last at all

approx. $6

Brooke M.
It's decent.

This is my go-to blush. Since I am very pale, I do not like the look of very pigmented blushes. You WILL need a lot on your brush to get any color. Overall, if you're someone who likes the 'heavy blush' look, this is not the product for you.

Myrna P.

I bought deep mauve looking for a light plumish color and no matter what brush I use, the color is hard to pick up. I was happy thinking I was getting the color I had been looking for without spending so much money. Waste of $$

Winter P.

I personally have never used this blush. but both of my friends have tried it and hate it! I've seen them try to apply it no pigmentation what so ever. do your self a favour and do not buy!

Vanessa W.

Awful blush. There is no pigmentation to it, more chunky sparkle than anything. The entire fitMe line is disappointing and this isn't a redemption product. A $3 Wet n Wild blush is literally 1000x better.