Eye Studio Master Precise Ink Pen Eyeliner


Shahad Z.
Really Good!

This is my second purchase of this eyeliner, and it's honestly my favourite. It's very easy to use, and easy to take off. It turns a bit greyish after a 5-7 hours but other than that, it's amazing ;)

Roz N.

I bought this on a whim at Target about 5 months ago and haven't bought or used any other type of eyeliner. It's really precise for when I need to draw on my wings and dries fairly quickly. I

Rachel C.

Perfect. The actual pen itself lasts me for months!! stays on all day and does not smudge or crease and is so easy to apply with the fine lined pen. Perfect perfect perfect!

Justasia L.
Needs improvement, don't waste your money

I've been wanting to try a pen style for awhile. I found this one on sale near me so decided to go for it. Big mistake. The brush tip is very long, which makes it a bit hard to control. The very tip of the brush is also a bit dry. But I'm attributing that to how it's packaged. I store it (capped) with the point down and that seems to help a bit. It's not very long wearing. It is also not waterproof. It smudges very very easily. Within two hours what started off as a crisp, slightly winged, line became a smudgy mess and I was left looking a bit raccoon-ish. I have very oily skin, but even freshly washed with primer it still smudged far too quickly for my liking. Beyond that, it was nice and dark. Once I got the tip inked, it went on nice and easy. All in all, its ok, but for almost $8 each where I live...not really worth it.

Kaitlin P.
Love of My Life

Anyone who knows me will understand my undying, passionate love for eyeliner. I have been using this one for years and have never looked back! I wear it just about every day- it's so versatile and you can create so many different looks with it because it is so easy to use. It lasts forever when stored properly (not too hot, not too cold, lid on when not in use, upside down). I always recommend this liner to those just beginning to experiment with liquid liner, because it's very affordable, can be found just about anywhere and everywhere, and you have much more control over your lines than with a pot and brush liquid liner. My only complaint would be that it only comes in black- classic and sexy, but I love the current bright eyeliner trend- blues, purples, etc, like in their new Colour Show pencil range. I absolutely adore this product and anyone and everyone should give it a try. If I could give it more than 5 stars I would!

Kiki M.

This eyeliner is so black! It glides on so easy and is perfect for winged eyeliner as well as thin or thick lines! This eyeliner is also extremely pigmented! I highly recommend this eyeliner!

Crystalyn D.

I don't use it for my lid but it's awesome for your waterline it doesn't flake it stays on all day and it's a pretty good price it has amazing pigmentation

Rose C.
Doesn't do it's job.

This eyeliner only stays in place for half the day, I come home after school and it's smudged. The colour is dark and very opaque. But the tube runs out of liner at the tip very quickly, won't be buying again.

Marissa J.

I heard so many good reviews on this eyeliner and I had a lot of high expectations for it, but it didn't reach them at all. It is great for making a simple thin line or tightlining but nothing else! It doesn't have much pigment to it and its kinda just a weak black color. Its not a smooth line and it tends to look patchy. The formula is very watery. It fades very easily and smudges so easily in the slight of heat weather. Everytime I make a flick, it goes away after a hour. I will not repurchase.

Emma Kirstine K.
Big disappointment. I have tried better and cheaper.

I had one of the first felt tip liners on the market from Maybelline, the Define-a-line in a dark pink pen, which came out along with the define-a-lash volume mascara. That liner was decent, at I had it for over 2 years, without it ever drying out. THIS liner is a whole other story. When i first got it, it was pigmented, precise and very easy to use. But that was only for the first week. It dried out SOOOOO fast. Like none other I had experienced ever. At first it was only the tip, which couldn't hold pigment, but the more i used it (storing it laying flat) the more the tip dried out. I will never buy this again, ever. I will just repurchase my Fourth(!) Jordana Fabuliner, which is way cheaper, and doesn't dry out within six months.