Eye Studio Master Drama Cream Pencil


Vanessa W.

The first time I bought this it was dried out and breaking, so if this happened to you it might just have been an old batch! I refunded it and got a new one, and i love it! It's creamy and pigmented, and I use this only on the waterline. (It's not thin enough for a sharp top liner) It lasts all day on the waterline so I recommend this for anyone looking for a lower lashline liner!

Eliza W.
Pretty Poor.

I don't know where all these rave reviews are coming from! In the UK the packaging is different and the pencil is really chunky. Too chunky for a conventional eye liner sharpener, but not big enough for the "large size" one. The one pro to this is it lasts for ages without rubbing off, but to the other extreme. No matter how hard I scrubbed with make-up remover and wipes, it wouldn't come off! When I had a cold, I would get black bits in my phlegm from it. And it NEVER stays just in your waterline. I would apply it before school, and then half an hour later when I arrived at school, my friend would inform me I had panda eyes, and they would be pretty low down my face! Would never buy again!

Kathryn L.

NOTE: In the UK this is not a retractable eye-liner, it's a pencil that can be sharpened.

Applied correctly, this is an ultra creamy, long lasting pencil. I was amazed at its staying power on the waterline.. better than any other brand I've tried. Heard it compared to the Stila Smudgestick but considering the price difference, this is great for money. Can go out clubbing and will still stay in place. You don't have to press hard at all to get a good coour pay off, its a true black with the lightest hand which I love especially since pulling your eyes can be bad for it. If worn overnight, gives a "bedroom eye" that can be smudged out & cleaned up the next day.. simply sweep a mascara and your good to go. Also, not difficult to remove, granted you use eye make up remover, and doesn't stain.

Victoria R.

hmm... in the UK this is not a retractable eye-liner, I guess they changed the packaging for over here.. I LOVE the colour and pigmentation of this, it also lasts quite a while as well, which is always good, but I do find that I have to sharpen it quite often so I will probably have to be buying a new one soon. It's not lasted me half as long as my Soap & Glory eye liner

Julianne J.
Wonderful product, terrible packaging!

I loved this liner! It had a great formula, almost like a Stila Smude Pot or a thick, cream liner. I loved doing messy, hipster fabulous cat eyes with it, set with black shadow. With a primer, it lasted for ages and stayed put excellently. I loved how I could create a messy look, not have a messy look by accident, because of a runny, smearing eye product gone wrong. The product is great- but the packaging is terrible! I knew that the product was retractable but I could not make the product come up when I twisted on the handle. You easily use up the little nub it comes with, because it is so creamy and easily flattens. I fiddled with it enough to know that there is product within the chamber of the pencil, but now I need to depot it and rescue it. I like to depot lipsticks into plastic film holders, they work just great, although they are a little bulky. I definitely need to salvage this baby, asap! Maybelline needs to repackage this, THEN I will be raving about how truly fabulous it is!

Victoria D.

Bought this eyeliner in an eyeliner emergency, it was the first thing I grabbed. Well, turns out that I love it! It glides on so smoothly, and it's super pigmented (I have the black one) Plus it stays on my waterline all day long. Doesn't smudge, run, or any of that bad stuff. For me, it's almost (almost!) comparable to my UD liner pencil in Perversion. Almost. ;]

Stephanie M.

I just bought the "Sapphire Strength" one because I was looking for a blue eyeliner that wasnt TOO turquoise or two colorful... I used it today and I really like it. Its a really nice navy blue and it slides on really nicely and stays dark. Almost comparable to the MAC Technakohl eyeliners, but not as creamy... Highly recommend for drugstore eyeliner.

Gina S.
Awesome Eyeliner!

Wow! This is one of my favorite eyeliners because it's simple to use and is dramatic! It lives up to the commercials unlike some beauty products I've tried. It lasts all day/night. I have it in the color Coal Commander. My favorite part of it is that it's retractable!!!

Robin L.
Quality vs Quantity
Photo of product included with review by Robin L.

I was really excited to use this for the first time and it really did live up to the commercial but there is one flaw and it's somewhat of a big one. The pencil is not retractable so tip that you see when you take off the cap is all you get. It's about a millimeter worth of pencil. And since it is so creamy, it gets used up pretty quickly. I have bought another one but I'm just not sure if it's worth buying a new one so often.