Eye Studio Color Tattoo


Kimberly M.
A great product!
Photo of product included with review by Kimberly M.

I'm surprised! I was looking for a green cream shadow base and saw this at Target. I was a tad skeptical, as I'm not a big fan of lower-end cosmetics. But this stuff is great! The color worked perfectly for the look I had in mind. And it doesn't crease on me (but I primed). I have oily skin and with many products creasing can be a problem even with primer. I think I'll get more Color Tattoos! Hopefully they'll come out with more colors too!

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Mimi L.
Cute and Convenient. LOVE!

I bought theMaybelline Color Tattoo in Pomegranite Punk. I am loving it. It doesn't budge and has great pigmentation. It's perfect for busy days in which you need to rush out the door. It's easy to apply and it still looks great! If you're into the MAC Paint Pots, this product is really something to check out. Both products have the awesome creamy texture that's really easy to use and both last all day. I think that the biggest differences are the color selection and, most definitely, the price tag. The Maybelline has both neutral and really colorful shades to choose from, while the MAC sticks with very neutral colors. For ever Paint Pot you Purchase, you can get three of these Maybelline shadows. Overall, this is an awesome product, and the price makes it an absolute steal! I'm totally eyeing the Tough as Taupe. Hopefully I'll add it to my collection really soon!

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Amber H.
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These eyeshadows are amazing quality for an affordable drugstore product! The pigmentation is great, they are very creamy and smooth. I would definitely compare these to MAC paint pots, just at a much lower cost! I love to use these as a base for my eyeshadow. They do not crease on my eyelids, they last the entire day and they make your shadow much more vibrant. These are an A+ product in my book and I would love to see more Matte shades!

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CuteandGirlyDMS D.
not 24 wear

hello ladies! we obviously all know this product and since you almost all love it i guess i have to be one th unlikiest girls ever since they don't last on me... i have extremely oily eyes and without a primer they last for 3 hours and i don't like that ... i thought they would do a better job...on the other hand i have to admit that when i use them with a primer or a a base they work well..

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Kassie K.
Long lasting!
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Amazingly pigmented, incredibly blend-able and build-able, and LONG LASTING! They make shadows 10x more pigmented! I swatched them on my arm, the right has shadows on top of the Color Tattoos and the left is shadows with no base after about 30 minutes. The left faded sooo much while the right didn't budge!

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Marie M.
USe as a base

I use this as a coloured base to hold on my eyeshadow and omg its the best!!!! st. patty's day i go out clubbing and its hot and full of poeple my eye makeup didnt move and i was dancing from 9pm to 3 am !!! im scared to know what im putting on my eye make it stick so well

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xo Ella Mae A.
Maybelline Eye Studio 24 Hour Colour Tattoo Eyeshadow = my new best friend!

I <3 this product. I am from the UK so the shades have different names over here it is called on and on bronze so not too different but I thought I'd just let you guys know. Anyways lets get on to the review I really did love this product and they only recently came out in the UK so with all the hype online in the US I was really excited on trying these products because I had heard great things about them, they retail for £4.99 in boots and superdrug here in the UK so quite cheap for and eyeshadow. I really like the shade I picked as it just a natural colour to wear on your eyes for the summer, you can wear it alone or as a base and the colour is very buildable, it doesn't crease at all! My personal favourite way to apply it is by taking an ecotools eyeshadow brush and loading it up onto the brush and then patting it onto my eye, but as I have been using this method I have found that I have been using a little too much on the brush so with this product you only need a little because it goes a LONG way. I also think this eyeshadow would be great as an eyeliner with maybe one of the other colours underneath, I do also have tenacious teal which in the UK is called turquoise forever, and I think that would make a great liner more then anything else but I do think it would maybe do okay for a light wash of colour on the lids if you blend it out a little. But overall I'd say these were a great product and they don't crease, a dream to apply and they also remove really easily with a plain ordinary makeup wipe I love these and I definately think that they were worth the hype

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Metta X.
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I purchased the tough as taupe and the bad to the bronze ones first. And believe me, for about $6 each, this product will not be a disappointment! I have a full review on them here ( But overall they work amazing!!! I had to go back and get the tenacious teal one because that one was way too pretty! I love these bad boys!

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Lisa M.
These had me at first swatch!
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I just got all 10 of these for my Valentine's Day gift from my sweet-tart. I just did a post on my blog about them tonight. I have not used them all but I have swatched them all. The colors are nicely pigmented. All are really bold and vivid for the exception of Tenacious Teal, Painted Purple, and Too Cool. These need to be built up. But I was amazed at how long lasting they are. I swatched them on the back of my hand and without a base or primer. As soon as the shadow dried up, it was set. No smudging, no budging. Wow! Even when I wanted to remove the shadows, I couldn't. LOL. Good stuff. If you find them, grab one. They sell out quickly and are hard to find. For swatches, visit my blog post:

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Katie X.

Tough as Taupe is very neutral color that I like to use all over the lids. I use this shade as my everyday look to school.

Too Cool was a disappointment for me because it was too shimmery to be used as a base.

Pros: There's no creasing, I took a nap with it on and it still didn't crease. The price and packaging is great. Cons: I do have to apply more then once to achieve the opacity that I wanted.

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