Eye Studio Color Gleam Cream Eyeshadow


Ayanna P.
Flash of Forest

It's okay...I like the green and the brown (the champagne color was terrible) but I have to REALLY lay it on thick and use a heavy hand. That said, I like that it's creamy and buildable, so I do use it every blue moon. But I wouldn't buy it again.

Amarri S.

I've owned this shadow for about a year now and I have only used it twice! I bought it in Blue Freeze. I would just throw it out but I'm sure I can find a use for it SOMEDAY! Don't get me wrong, the colors are AMAZING, especially the blue. Very pigmented but that's about it. I don't remember it coming with a brush either...Keep your $ folks.

Michelle D.

Well, I bought this in the hopes of carrying it around in case I didn't have time to do makeup, but unfortunately, I also have to carry shadow to set it with (which was not the plan). As beautiful and pigmented these cream shadows are, they are creasing maniacs. Looks can be deceiving. I use them for bases, rarely, considering this still kinda crease (well I noticed), but I can't return them cause it just looks so pretty...haha.

Hannah F.
Rose Revolution - Not A Revolution For Me.

Don't get me wrong, I LOVE Maybelline. It has to be my favourite drugstore brand. I love their pressed eye shadows, and their mascaras, and everything! But these eyeshadows I was so disappointed in. They crease A LOT and all the product collects into the crease of my eye, and it basically just looks like it's drooping. On the back of the product it has a little demonstration on how to wear them, and it says nothing about putting a powder eye shadow on top. But I could not wear it with a powder eye shadow on top, it just looks like mud. It still looks mud with the powder eye shadow. The colours are beautiful, but the formula of this product is not good.

Lauren H.
Good for bases

I would not wear these alone, the DO crease like crazy BUT they are good for bases, especially the gold color. I use it whenever I do my make-up with golds and it really helps them pop and stay all day! The lightest shade is a frosty pink which is nice for light pink shades and the middle one is the only one I have issues with. It looks like it will come out a dark purple color but it looks more pink than purple. Other than that they are all good colors for bases, but not by themselves.