Express Finish 50 Second Nail Color


Stephanie H.
Unique Color!
Photo of product included with review by Stephanie H.

I am so in love with this Maybelline New York Limited Edition polish in Cool Couture! It is such a Unique color. Totally different from anything in my collection. It is great for anytime. Day or night. I love that it can be applied and dries within in 50 seconds. The packaging is nice and the brush applies the polish very nicely. The color is opaque after two thin coats. You can get away with one. But I did prefer two. I wore this for 3 days then removed it. I had no issues with chipping but did have a bit of wear on the tips. If you do a lot of typing or any hands on work I would suggest a base coat. I like that this is a dark but not to dark color. I hope you all check it out before they are gone.

Julianne J.
Great in the eyes of a nail noob!

Let me just preface this review with I am really out of the loop with the nail art trend! I have a decent collection of nail polish, but they're mostly from my childhood, with a few additions here and there. I'm new to the top and base coat thing, and haven't done the shattered or magnetic polish thing either. I haven't gotten tips or fake nails, and only get manicures every so often. I would love to do my nails more often but I'm lazy and a painter/artist. Luckily, I use plastic gloves to oil paint- because I'm not an idiot amateur anymore and oil paint can be toxic, especially on hands. So the moral to that story/rant/ramble is that If I do my nails, they won't get messy with paint all over them! Color wise I do love milky beiges and light pinks, bronzes and golds, and black reds and bloody garnets. Pinks and aquas are fun too! As far as "nail art" I know how to make flowers with a tooth pick and some acrylic paint, but that's where it stops. I do know that because I'm an artist I could get more creative- I just need to stop being lazy and do it! Anyway- If anyone actually reads these rambles, let me know about any beginners nail sites, or just fill me in on anything you find helpful. My nail polish education stopped when I was nine, so I'm pretty basic with all things nail polish! Also, I used to have really pretty, fast growing nails, but over the years they peel like crazy and the weak layers are always peeling and chipping off. I think its because of not drinking enough water/poor diet, but I'm not sure. So, that might also be a reason I stopped playing with my nails so much, because they are gross!

Anyway! I got this I think in the discontinued bin at my grocery store. (I think, don't hold me to it! :P ) Its a cute little bottle and the color Sunset Prisms, 330 is a bright, electric fuchia. (Maybe the display color for this review on Beautylish?) It has a very chemically smell- very strong, and probably not the best or healthy ingredients (if I can decipher them! Its a little shady actually because the ingredients on the back of the bottle are in extremely fine print- impossible to read without a magnifying glass!). The brush is long and fans out, and accumulates a lot of polish, so be sure to scrape the excess on the neck of the bottle (as everyone does anyway :P). This particular color/polish is super thick, and for my toes I only needed 1 coat! It was so opaque and bright, with no streaks. I've had it on my toes for exactly a week and there is barely any chipping- maybe a tad from being at the beach, rubbing my toes a little un-carefully in the sand. :D

Anyway, I might have gotten lucky with this shade and the majority of this line is crap- and I'm pretty sure this is a discontinued nail polish line. Overall I'm happy with its performance, at least on the toes, and dry time is pretty quick, but probably more like a few minutes than exactly 50 secs.

Update! This does take a lot of effort to take off. It doesn't leave a yellowy stain behind but it does sink into grooves, cracks, and cuticles. It took a lot of pads and polish remover to take off, and even q tips, still not getting each speck. I'm not sure if its my toes, this polish, or the color, but it does take a bit of work to remove.

Meera I.
Sets TOO fast!

'Express Finish' is all very well, but it doesn't guarantee a good finish. My pet nail peeve is polish that starts drying before you've even finished applying, and you have to work pretty quickly with this to avoid it going tacky on your nail mid-application.

Andrea P.
Chips same day

EVEN with a top coat, it chipped the same day. It's too bad because some of the colors are really pretty! I also agree with Lauren C. it can get very streaky!

Lauren C.

this is a horrible see the brush lines when putting it on your nails...i was so excited for the green and yellow colors and it is a really nice color...but then you put it on and it is really a bad product...i wouldnt waste my money ever again like i did with this...this dries really fast, but when you cant even wear the product because of how fast it dries, it isnt any fun