Expert Wear Blush

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Rae M.
Very Sheer

I bought the color "Romantic Plum". The color is very sheer, so I have to put on a lot to notice it at all. I like that its not overly pigmented though, because some blushes are too 80s-esque. I just wish it was somewhere down the middle.

Jennifer D.

These were just awful! Even a sheer tint of color is more than what this does! Even after I tried building it up it was still so sheer it looked like I didn't put any on! Definate miss!!

Sherry B.

this blush breaks up even if you just LOOK at it the packaging is wayyy to flimsy to even try and invest in 2 many of them but to add insult to injury its to sheer and who wants to build and build and build with powder = cakey!!! so pass! on these unless you plan on buying one and not seeing the color at all and lying it flat on a desk for all eternity any slight bump and these will BREAK!

Imani G.

Let's just say I only gave it one star because zero wasn't an option! I thought I got a bargain at the CVS 75% off sale. I "scored" this "blush" for only $0.93! I purchased the color "Romantic Plum" and first of all it's an ashy, chalky pink and second of it there's NO color. The sad thing is that most products with little pigmentation can at least be built upon, but this was a swing and a MISS!