Dream Fresh BB Cream

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Cecil Y.
Not the best

I purchased this products after using the Garnier BB cream because I just wanted to try something different. I really don't like this product. I rarely use it and the reason is, like most of the girls have said here, it feels more like a tinted moisturizer. It is not for you if you are looking for medium to good coverage. It can be streaky which I hate. Will not purchase again.

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Robyn S.
I expected more

This was the fourth BB cream I tried (for the sake of seeing which ones did and didn't work) and I expected so much more for all the hype about it. The finish is very shiny, the coverage is mediocre... the only thing it has going for it is that is has SPF 30. It's also really thin. I wish it was a little thicker so it wouldn't get all over my fingers and stuff!

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Shanay H.
Great everyday wear

It gives light coverage, so not recommended for people with a lot of imperfections. But it works great for me. It corrects my skin, moisturizes and leaves me with a wonderful glow. It does not cake up and when used with a primer and translucent powder stays on all day. I wear it everyday and it works with sensitive skin. The SPF means you do NOT add any more SPF.... Or else you will look very pale.

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Rebecca  C.

I adore this, as someone who suffers from eczema, the oil in this really helps to even out my skin. The tube is a bit small for the price (£7.99) but only a thin layer is needed to create a nice clear base. It also has 30 SPF in it, which saves me from using a separate face lotion under my make-up. I would however, recommend applying a concealer that isn't too liquid or oily because your blemishes may surface from under it. But I would recommend it to those with dry skin.

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Jae C.

this is an okay product if its a lazy day and you want a "no makeup" look. I put this on with a bit of bronzer, light mascara, and tinted lip gloss. An easy work day look. it covers pretty well for a less expensive BB cream.

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Tammy J.
My Summer Staple

Its a great tinted moisturizer/tinted primer, I wear it w/ a primer underneath (out of habit) and set it with a powder on the days I don't want that natural dewy finish it leaves u with. I love how a little bit of this product goes a long way and I also love the dual usage (can be worn as a tinted primer or moisturizer)

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Dawn C.
BB Cream?, no. Very good tinted moisturizer.....yes!

The color (dark) and consistency work very well for those days that you want a very natural, yet pulled-together look. I do wear a stronger sunscreen underneath this product.

If you add concealer you will end up with a smoother result. This cream doesn't completely hid any dark spots or circles, but makes them look less prominent on the face.

A light dusting of powder over your slick spots is all you need to have a nice, lasting finish all day long (even in the heat and humidity!).

The price is very good, especially with sales and coupons. I've had no irritations or breakouts since I starting using this about 3 weeks ago.

So far, other than the very expensive Smashbox BB Cream, Maybelline is the only one who realizes that WOC are willing to shell out major money for the newest trend.

Admirable job.

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Kristin W.

Love this product and love the price! I initially bought this because it is the cheapest bb cream I have seen so far, and because there was a BOGO at Walgreens, so I was like why not. This stayed on all day, but it does get a little greasy after 6 hours. This product blurred my imperfections, but felt really light. I would suggest this product to anyone!

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Venus  S.
Hhhhhmmmmm it's okay

This is great to use when going for a more natural look when you are not using foundation. BB creams are not really meant to cover dark circles, so I still use my MAC Concealor. It didn't break me out. I would like to check out the Iman BB CREAM though.

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Chelsea P.

Out of all the Face Primers and BB Creams I have tested, I am sad to say this one was at the bottom of the barrel. Not a total bust...but still not my favorite. When my sample leaked out of the package and onto my fingers, the thick oily product immediately turned me off. Especially since it claims to be "oil free". Going onto my face, it was very thick like a creamed liquid. I dident mind it so much, but I know for a fact most people would. I did like how it had no smell however. Some primers and foundations are scented which always makes my nose run and clears out makeup in its path :/ Overall rating? 5/10

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