Define-A-Lash Washable Lengthening Mascara

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Sherry W.
Favorite drug store brand.
Photo of product included with review by Sherry W.

This is pretty much the ONLY mascara I buy from drug stores. For me, reading bad reviews kinda just shocks me because I love this Mascara so much. Whenever I wore it in school I would always get asked if I was wearing fake eyelashes, which I have never worn before. I like the brush because it isn't stiff, it does what it says "Defines a lash" and the formula isn't automatically thick so you can choose whether you want a light application or a heavy application of mascara. It lasts a really long time, and for me it pretty much never clumps.

The picture is my eye with no make up, just mascara after one application, and with full eyeliner

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Elaina Y.
Total miss

This mascara has a really wet formula. and it comes with a rubber wand. I bought this in the colour black. This mascara does absolutley nothing for me. There is no length, no volume, no definition and it does not help to hold a curl. It makes your curled lashes PIN STAIGHT after just one gentle application. Even when I tried layering this mascara with other mascaras it still did nothing. When I purchased this it actually was a 2 for 1 deal, but now these 2 tubes of mascara just sit around unused. I think this mascara would work well for someone that has full, long and naturally curled lashes, otherwise don't really expect this product to work for you.

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Jazmin G.
Best mascara ever

I love this mascara ! I have like no lashes but with an eyelash curler & this mascara (the waterproof ) works it's wonders ! It leaves my lashes NON clumpy & gives them a great length !(: this is by far the best &I also the only mascara I use tried many others but I keep coming back to this one!(:

Lisa  A.
Best Mascara I've Ever Tried

I have alot of eyelashes, the problem is that they're stick straight and that they're not too long. This mascara keeps the curl ALL day long, and lengthens as well as separates my lashes. I've bought about 3 tubes in the past.

Aferdita N.

I personally love this mascara, I have had it before, and my mother has currently bought one for herself. To me, it really does what it says it will do, which is DEFINE the lashes. It also gives and incredible amount of length, and volume. But mainly length. I actually like this brush, maybe because I haven't seen a mascara brush quite like this one, it can be kind of wobbly when you put it back in the tube, but I think it goes really well on the lashes for some reason. TLDR: I love this mascara, it's great!

Ish K.

It's very good when I don't want to get heavy lashes. It applies the right ammount of mascara and I really like how it looks, it lasts long also, which is so good.

Carina C.
One if the best mascaras out there

I had 3 of these in my makeup bag. Now I just have one. I need to buy more I love this mascara I wear it all the time. It's nice & very smooth as you are applying it on.

Lauren C.

this lasts very long and it really is a mascara you can wear around for hours and it wont come off, their waterproof define-a-lash is also really good...they really volumize your lashes making it look really pretty and makes your eyes stand out

Cassandra W.
Great Day to Day

This is a great day to day mascara that does not cost a lot of money. It is great for running around...wearing to work..and during those summer days. I would probably choose a different one if i were going out though. It builds well and has a great dark black color.

Arielle Z.
HUGE part of my eye-makeup routine!

I LOVE THIS STUFF. I use the black/brown color which looks more natural with my light eyes and fair skin. It gives my lashes look awesomely thick and long but NATURAL, not like the ginormous furry ones that some mascaras advertise. Also, just as the product info states, the mascara is non-clumping and barely ever flakes. I will definitely keep buying!